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Consumer Testimonials


  • Jermel Thomas

    Every since I associated my self with detail king it’s been a big help.Unfortunately I haven’t been lucky to get to a seminar. Mark my words you will see 2012. LEARN MORE

  • Mike Broderick

    I have nothing but good things to say about you guys. Love your products and your staff has helped me everytime I needed them. Thanks LEARN MORE

  • Brian Dupuy

    Everyone has been very helpful with helping me get everything started. I wasn’t able to make the 3 day class but I have done the videos and read a lot. Jason has been very helpful and I don’t feel to dumb to ask him any question I may have. LEARN MORE

  • Buster LaFauvre

    My name is Buster LaFauvre and I own B & W Mobile Auto Detailing Inc. I started our business in Oct of 2003 and in Sept of 2003 I went to Detail King for training because we wanted to know we were doing it right. Through the years I faded away from Detail King and […] LEARN MORE

  • Jeff Thornton

    Product choice is wonderful offering a range of everything. Delivery is fast and always professionally packaged. LEARN MORE

  • Ed Fassler

    Quality products and great people… LEARN MORE

  • Lovell Lee

    Very good customer service always follow up even if you’ve only ordered once and ongoing support afterwards. LEARN MORE

  • Danielle

    Great customer service. The guys there are very knowledgable too! Thanks LEARN MORE

  • Eric

    I was in need of spare part to make my low pressure washer work. Bill was so kind enough to ship the piece to my house quickly so I can have my equipment running for my job that I had coming up. Thanks !! LEARN MORE

  • Jesus morales

    Quality products and great service!! I bought a steam clean machine,great invest ever. LEARN MORE