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Detail King Student Testimonials


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  • Larry Smith – These Guys Know Their Stuff

    This Detail King Auto Detailing program is worth every penny. These guys know their stuff and are so professional but relaxed too. Brendan, Bill, Nick, Paul, Gary, Dan and the rest are A+ and I’m looking forward to a long relationship with this company. If your thinking of being a Detailer this is a must […] LEARN MORE

  • James Fearn – Training Was Exceptional

    Very good training! Very thoughtful, organized. The detailing hands on training and Detail King was exceptional and everything was done to help us become successful in the auto detailing business. They change lives! I was certified October 2017 at the Craftsman Seminar. LEARN MORE

  • Ed Savigny – It Was More Than I Ever Could Of Expected

    When you search for things online and you get directed to websites you are often pulled in by companies more often than not unrealistic claims. The Detail King website is amazing and I put down my money for the 3 day detailing training course and was very excited to be doing it but expected that […] LEARN MORE

  • Melanie – I Have Been Transformed!

    Detail King’s Craftsman auto detailing class is life changing! I have been transformed! Their program provides invaluable information and auto detailing training that is presented in a clear and concise manner. I learned many skills and detailing techniques that will allow me to be even more successful in the automotive detailing industry, giving me the […] LEARN MORE

  • Carlos Ortiz – The Entire Curriculum Was Far & Away More Than I Expected

    At the risk of redundancy I can only echo the Detail King Testimonials of my classmates. I fully agree with them that the entire curriculum was far and away more than I expected. I would recommend the Detail King Auto Detailing School to anyone looking to learn the auto detailing trade. I was looking to […] LEARN MORE

  • Blake Daugherty – Business Class Material Was Phenomenal

    I would just like to say thanks to all the Detail King training staff who worked very hard to help us in the auto detailing business class last weekend, you are very genuine people and words can’t express how appreciative I am. I would to give a thanks to Nick Vacco for giving so many […] LEARN MORE

  • Shawn Strong – I Am Now Detail King Certified

    I would definitely recommend Detail King auto detailing training to anybody that wants to learn how to detail or would like to start your own detailing business. Nick Vacco and his staff did a wonderful and thorough job of explaining the details. The little hints and tips they provided will set you apart from the […] LEARN MORE

  • Steven Michael Murray Jr – I Cannot Express The Value Of This Class

    I have been certified in the auto detailing industry for over 10 years as well as mobile electronics. When I first grasp the idea of detailing as a career path Detail King was the first training institute that caught my eye. I would watch all of the YouTube videos and test the methods on my […] LEARN MORE

  • Veronica Adkins – My Experience Was Great

    My experience was great with Detail King…I learned a lot…The correct way to clean a Car in an out…The staff was the best trainers to be taught by…Also Nick…I truly recommend for anybody wanting to start detailing to go to Detail King institute …The Best…Well worth it…Thanks Nick Vacco and your whole Team! I graduated […] LEARN MORE

  • Willie L. Johnson Jr. – Was One Of The Best Decisions I Have Made

    Attending the Detail King auto detailing school was one of the best decisions I’ve made to date. After the class I made it home and I was at a stalemate so I looked back over my notes and sure enough there were the answers I’ve needed. Currently waiting to receive my business license and then […] LEARN MORE