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Detail King Customer Reviews

Detail King Customer Reviews

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  • The auto detailing training I received at Detail King was beyond anything I expected. They are more than happy to pass on their knowledge to make us better at what we do. Friday was great learning about running a detailing business and branding it to separate your business from the competition.

    Saturday we got to learn about exterior detailing procedures and products and to use all the detailing equipment available to us. Sunday was the interior cleaning, detailing and reconditioning day. The knowledge I gained has allowed me to do my job better.

    If you are working for someone else or yourself you want to put out the best work you can. Going through this auto detailing training will allow you to do so. The Detail King staff was able to answer any questions we had. If you’re thinking about doing detailing this is a definite must. I graduated and got certified October 2017.

    Eric Sadler – Detail King Was Beyond Anything I Expected
    Interstate NDT

  • The Detail King 3 day Craftsman auto detailing course was great. I learned so much in 3 days, from how to start and operate an auto detailing business to how to properly and professionally detail a vehicle. I would recommend the auto detailing course to anyone interested in starting a detailing business. I graduated and became certified October 2017.

    Chris Mann – I Learned So Much In 3 Days
    Carolina Details

  • I have been in the automotive industry for 10 years and Detail King’s training program were the most organized and friendly training I have ever attended. You can tell they are speaking from experience and take the time to answer all your questions. Detail King will be my sole provider for my auto detailing business and I recommend them to everyone interested in auto detailing. I got Detail King Certified October 2017 at the Craftsman Seminar.

    Rick Utz – Most Organized & Friendly Training!

  • This Detail King Auto Detailing program is worth every penny. These guys know their stuff and are so professional but relaxed too. Brendan, Bill, Nick, Paul, Gary, Dan and the rest are A+ and I’m looking forward to a long relationship with this company. If your thinking of being a Detailer this is a must have first step class. I got Detail King Certified October Craftsman Seminar 2017.

    Larry Smith – These Guys Know Their Stuff
    307 Shine

  • Very good training! Very thoughtful, organized. The detailing hands on training and Detail King was exceptional and everything was done to help us become successful in the auto detailing business. They change lives! I was certified October 2017 at the Craftsman Seminar.

    James Fearn – Training Was Exceptional
    Owner: S.W. Auto Konditioning

  • When you search for things online and you get directed to websites you are often pulled in by companies more often than not unrealistic claims. The Detail King website is amazing and I put down my money for the 3 day detailing training course and was very excited to be doing it but expected that I would be underwhelmed once I was there. That did not happen.

    From start to finish it was more than I could have ever expected. Nick Vacco and his team don’t just teach a course-they have lived the course so it’s real world experience and everyone of his people are fantastic to work with and knowledgeable with no BS! The business part of the class was educational and the hand out materials give you hard copies to help you remember because there is an awful lot to learn.

    The hands on portion is fun and demanding and getting to work with people from all across the country with similar interests and goals makes it that much better. I still have much to learn running my own auto detailing business but Detail King has given me the tools and the support and the confidence I need to excel and it didn’t take me 5 years of trial and error to get to this point. I would absolutely recommend this training to anyone looking to take control of and change their lives. Ed Savigny, I graduated October 2017.

    Ed Savigny – It Was More Than I Ever Could Of Expected

  • Detail King’s Craftsman auto detailing class is life changing! I have been transformed! Their program provides invaluable information and auto detailing training that is presented in a clear and concise manner. I learned many skills and detailing techniques that will allow me to be even more successful in the automotive detailing industry, giving me the edge over my competitors. I am now  Detail King Certified Craftsman in Automotive Detailing. Thank you so much Detail King! I’am ready to conquer Cleveland, Ohio! (September 2017)

    Melanie – I Have Been Transformed!
    Fly Mobile Detailing

  • At the risk of redundancy I can only echo the Detail King Testimonials of my classmates. I fully agree with them that the entire curriculum was far and away more than I expected. I would recommend the Detail King Auto Detailing School to anyone looking to learn the auto detailing trade. I was looking to learn the trade and detail a few vehicles a week to supplement my retirement income. I looked around at several detail schools and although Detail King was hours farther than some in New jersey, the quality of the website and the videos convinced me to enroll.

    My intention wasn’t to go too far but Nick’s instruction and enthusiasm during his lecture on the first day has inspired me to start a small auto detailing business of my own. Shawn Strong and Steven Murray have written eloquently about the quality of the instruction, I would like to commend the Detail King staff for their expertise and patience during the two days of hands on training in the shop.

    Bill, Gary and Dave, thank you very much for helping us out and for being the gentlemen you are. These men are a reflection of Nick Vacco’s expectation of only the best will do. Lastly, I would like to comment on the cleanliness and organization of the Detail King facility and every bit of detailing equipment in the building, including the warehouse. Everything labeled and in it’s place, again Nick’s stamp is seen everywhere. Like Shawn Strong said, I am proud to be Detail King Certified. I graduated September 2017

    Carlos Ortiz – The Entire Curriculum Was Far & Away More Than I Expected

  • I would just like to say thanks to all the Detail King training staff who worked very hard to help us in the auto detailing business class last weekend, you are very genuine people and words can’t express how appreciative I am. I would to give a thanks to Nick Vacco for giving so many people hope and opportunity to thrive in what the have passion for.

    The detailing business class material was phenomenal and  the lecture was thoroughly brought, the hand outs that were provided in class had valuable information for any auto detailing business to thrive. The hands on detailing experience was very helpful, gave me a lot of confidence to educate my customers also provide an excellent service. Class September 2017 graduate, I’m official now!! Thanks Detail King!

    Blake Daugherty – Business Class Material Was Phenomenal
    World Supreme Mobile Detailing

  • I would definitely recommend Detail King auto detailing training to anybody that wants to learn how to detail or would like to start your own detailing business. Nick Vacco and his staff did a wonderful and thorough job of explaining the details. The little hints and tips they provided will set you apart from the rest. You also get a lot of hands on training with some really great detailing products that work really great. You would have to watch hundreds of videos to receive the wealth of knowledge I gained in the Detail King Craftsman course. From the business side to the ins and outs of detailing a vehicle they exceeded my expectations. I graduated September 2017 and am now Detail King Certified!

    Shawn Strong – I Am Now Detail King Certified