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Detail King Customer Reviews

Detail King Customer Reviews

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  • I attended the 3 Days Craftsman Auto Detailing Class from the 5th – 7th of January 2018 at Detail King’s Training Institute in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The program was well organized and structured in way that is informative; Syllabus and learning material were provided in a three-ring binder and visual slides on the white board. Most importantly, the last two days has been hands on training on detailing actual cars in their workshop.

    While the first day training was good for people interested in opening up their own auto detailing business, the last two days of hands on training have been my favorite because I was interested in actual skills. I have learned new skills, techniques, up-to-date equipment’s and products in the auto detailing industry. Finally, I want to point out the professionalism of the staff at the institute and their efforts to go above and beyond to meet the needs of the students.

    Kusse Bekele – The Program Was Well Organized & Structured
    A must attend auto detail training

  • I attended the Detail King three day auto detailing training class and graduated January 2018. This was hands down the best training I’ve ever had. The car detailing training program was well structured, and the information you get from the instructors is priceless and communicated effectively to the students. They teach you step by step the proper way to detail a car as well as small cosmetic repairs. If you own or work in the auto detailing industry, this training is a must if you want to be successful. I am now Detail King Certified!

    JOHNNY HERNANDEZ – Hand’s Down Best Training I’ve Ever Had

  • The 3 Day Auto Detailing Business Course / Craftsman hands on training program at Detail King was FANTASTIC! Great Instructors, willing to go the extra mile to help any student succeed. Hands on training was awesome too – no question was left unanswered. I went into this program as a 22 year old college student about to graduate. I attended the January 5-7 ’18 seminar and I plan to open a detailing business in the spring of 2018. I had 7 years of prior detailing experience but after this class I feel my methods will be more efficient and attention to detail will be greater.

    I Highly recommend the auto detailing business course pricing has always been a struggle because every job is different now, I have the skills to accurately price out jobs! They will teach you about meeting customers expectations and to go beyond,that is the key to the business! And that is exactly how I feel after completing this class! Awesome Job Detail King!!

    Nathan Ogle – I Went As a 22 Year Old College Student

  • I was looking for a auto detailing school for a  long time, The Detail King seminar program was definitely a good choice. They have everything you need in their curriculum for a professional auto detailer to succeed. Instructors are the best ! They take their time and make sure that you learn it ! They don’t just teach you how to detail a vehicle, they will teach you also how to be a professional and think out of the box ! I spent efficient 3 full days at their training campus, definitely left happy and confident. I graduated January 7th, 2018.

    Burak Teknesirin – They Teach You How To Think Out Of The Box

  • First off I wanna say Detail King Training School, their owner and all of the employees associated with their auto detailing seminar, were first class. Every person involved had years of experience when it came to detailing. Their leadership and informative instruction didn’t let one question go unanswered nor go without understanding the answer before they moved on to the next.

    The first day was very informative with lots of good business information and ideas coming from two men with very good business backgrounds (Nick Vacco & Paul Angel). I really liked the detailing training seminar and wanted to gain more knowledge from the crew that I inquired and actually went for additional training. I was also excited to hear that they may have other training seminars on other things as well that I would like to attend. Great owner. Great employees.

    Great products. Couldn’t be more than happy with the end result after attending their craftsman detailing course. I got Detail King Certified January 2018.

    Brian Reed – Great Owner – Great Employees – Great Products!

  • I have always been a hands on person and when I attended the Detail King auto detailing school December 2017, it was the best hands on I have ever received. Nick Vacco and his Detail King entire staff are the best in the detailing industry and the knowledge they have is second to none! I want to start my own detailing business and I feel they have the proper training I need to be very successful in my new career. I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to start there own auto detailing business. Thanks Nick your the best!!!!

    Carey Evick – Staff Are The Best In The Industry

  • I Definitely loved the Detail King training, the products, and the staff. Ready to take my business to the next level. I graduated from the Detail King Craftsman program December 2017.

    Christopher L Rose – Loved The Training & The Products

  • This Detail King training class was the best money I could have invested. From the day one business development to the hands on buff and wax, it’s all truly a God send. Thanks to everyone at Detail King for proper guidance in an ever changing industry. All Glory to God for his provisions and grace to allow a place like Detail King exist. I graduated December 2018 from the Craftsman Program.

    Jayson Ayers Sr – It’s All Truly a God Send
    Master Detailer/On Pointe Detailing LLC

  • My partner and I️ attended the Detail King Seminar and it was a wonderful experience that taught us so much. The staff at Detail King are grade A and they really care about you gaining knowledge to succeed. I️ would recommend this detailing course to anyone who is interested in Detailing as a business or a hobby. We became certified Detail Craftsmen and this was a integral part of our plan to be the best Detailers we can be! Cheers to Nick, Paul and Team!

    Michael Lewis – It Was a Wonderful Experience!
    Details Auto Salon/Spa

  • I got Certified at the November 2017 Detail King 3 day Craftsman Program. I have always been a car enthusiast and love to keep my vehicles clean. Its a stress relief for me. This year I decided to actually get paid to do it so I decided to take this course from Detail King. I chose Detail King because of the relationship, other companies were strictly business and I felt Detail King had a more personal touch plus offering great training.

    After going through the detailing training I would definitely recommend anyone who is interested in detailing for a business to come to their class. You will not regret it. You won’t have to waste time and money trying to do it all alone. Follow advice from the pros who have done it already. I really enjoyed everyone, the staff made everyone feel at home and treated everyone great. I had a great time and look forward in working with Detail King for years to come.

    Shane Campbell – Detail King Had a More Personal Touch
    The Polished Goose