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Detail King Customer Reviews

Detail King Customer Reviews

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  • I truly had a great experience during the two day auto detailing training seminar at Detail King. I learned more than I ever could have imagined about how to start and run a detailing business, as well as how to actually detail a car the right way! I got Detail King Certified October 2017.

    The Detail King staff were all awesome and informative, and the location was great. I am certainly glad I came to the detailing seminar, and will continue to tell people about my wonderful experience! Detail King is the King!! 

    Jimmy Williams – I Truly Had a Great Experience

  • This Detail King car detailing training October 2017 was perfect for somebody, such as myself, that is new to the detailing world and it takes the mystery out of the process and learn the right habits from day one. Fears of “messing up” either my own or someone else’s car are alleviated through this detailing training as they teach you the right way to use the right detailing tools and products.

    All that said, there were several people already in the trade who seemed to learn as much as I did about proper technique and time saving tips to be able to make the most of your time. The business training on day 1 was also fantastic. Great trainers, great facility, highly recommend this training. I am now certified thru Detail King!

    Michael Clark – Great trainers, great facility, highly recommend

  • Having just started an actual auto detailing business rather than being a hobbyist, I am absolutely amazed at the various components of the business that I wasn’t aware of or completely neglected. Detail King, the staff, in addition to the outside detailers (Alumni) that came in for the sessions were an absolute pleasure. They were extremely knowledgeable and were extremely clear in transferring their knowledge. I recently got Detail King Certified October 2017.

    Day 1, in my opinion, is where the rubber met the road. In starting any business, if you don’t already have the business acumen, you better figure out quickly what you don’t know. Detail king was able to provide the necessary tools in order for me to take back and begin working on developing the plan. From the various insurance needs, EPA requirements, advertising and marketing, to the building of the business plan, there were a bunch of small gaps that I didn’t really think about. By attending this session, I was able to bridge those gaps and understand that I have a lot of work to do. I am a true believer in not trying to reinvent the wheel. By following the guidance of the presented material, I will be able to be more profitable sooner. (Now to source funding….lol — ooooooooohh Nick!).

    Day 2 was all about applied knowledge. As I have already been detailing, I understood all of the various tools and products needed in order to detail a vehicle. However, I was able to take away a bunch of tips and tricks in order to make my life a bit easier. I had quite a few a-ha moments which included the need to build processes within every step of the detailing cycle. More importantly, I was able to use the Detail King developed detailing solutions.

    From the compound and polishes to the tire dressing and Final Touch Express Wax, they have exceptional products that I am switching to moving forward. And the fact that their products are eco-friendly is a huge plus in my book. Overall, what made the weekend for me was the people. Kudos to Nick Vacco, Paul Angell, Jason Fung, attendees, and the rest of the Detail King Team. Looking forward to many years of doing business together.

    Will Dennis – I Am Absolutely Amazed
    Owner - Super Shine Detail Spa

  • What an awesome 2 day hands on auto detailing Craftsman class at Detail King! I went in knowing some and came out doing much. These guys are absolutely professional, organization and procedures are the name of the game. Very knowledgeable and helpful from the side job hustler to the business oriented professional. I definitely enjoyed myself and will be encouraging others to get some detailing tools added to their tool belt. Nick Vacco and company from the bottom of my heart I am forever grateful for the experience and I wish you guys all the best! I got certified at Detail King October 2017.

    Daniel Spence – I AM Forever Grateful
    Kingdom Cleansing

  • These auto detailing classes at Detail King really made me want to go and review what I was thinking. The business side of this is bigger than I first thought, there is more to do, but by knowing about all this new information is better than thinking you’re right and you have nothing wrong. These detailing classes opened my eyes more than I would’ve thought. I am very thankful for this opportunity Detail King and appreciate everyone for their time. I graduated October 2017

    Felix Jaquez – The Business Side is Bigger Than I thought

  • The auto detailing training I received at Detail King was beyond anything I expected. They are more than happy to pass on their knowledge to make us better at what we do. Friday was great learning about running a detailing business and branding it to separate your business from the competition.

    Saturday we got to learn about exterior detailing procedures and products and to use all the detailing equipment available to us. Sunday was the interior cleaning, detailing and reconditioning day. The knowledge I gained has allowed me to do my job better.

    If you are working for someone else or yourself you want to put out the best work you can. Going through this auto detailing training will allow you to do so. The Detail King staff was able to answer any questions we had. If you’re thinking about doing detailing this is a definite must. I graduated and got certified October 2017.

    Eric Sadler – Detail King Was Beyond Anything I Expected
    Interstate NDT

  • The Detail King 3 day Craftsman auto detailing course was great. I learned so much in 3 days, from how to start and operate an auto detailing business to how to properly and professionally detail a vehicle. I would recommend the auto detailing course to anyone interested in starting a detailing business. I graduated and became certified October 2017.

    Chris Mann – I Learned So Much In 3 Days
    Carolina Details

  • I have been in the automotive industry for 10 years and Detail King’s training program were the most organized and friendly training I have ever attended. You can tell they are speaking from experience and take the time to answer all your questions. Detail King will be my sole provider for my auto detailing business and I recommend them to everyone interested in auto detailing. I got Detail King Certified October 2017 at the Craftsman Seminar.

    Rick Utz – Most Organized & Friendly Training!

  • This Detail King Auto Detailing program is worth every penny. These guys know their stuff and are so professional but relaxed too. Brendan, Bill, Nick, Paul, Gary, Dan and the rest are A+ and I’m looking forward to a long relationship with this company. If your thinking of being a Detailer this is a must have first step class. I got Detail King Certified October Craftsman Seminar 2017.

    Larry Smith – These Guys Know Their Stuff
    307 Shine

  • Very good training! Very thoughtful, organized. The detailing hands on training and Detail King was exceptional and everything was done to help us become successful in the auto detailing business. They change lives! I was certified October 2017 at the Craftsman Seminar.

    James Fearn – Training Was Exceptional
    Owner: S.W. Auto Konditioning