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Detail King Customer Reviews

Detail King Customer Reviews

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  • I feel I walked away very informed! I am very glad I decided to take the auto detailing course at Detail King! I would recommend this course to anyone looking to start their own auto detailing business. I got “Detail King Certified” August 2017!

    Tony Ross – I Would Recommend This Course To Anyone!
    Trades Coordinator

  • Detail King lived up to their word, you changed my life!! Between time on the road travelling, 2 f lights, 2 Airport waiting time (12 Hours plus) to get to Detail King  I would do it again! (I am from the Bahamas) You are the best auto detailing school in the world!!! Thanks Detail King  for my Diploma (not a certification of completion) A DIPLOMA!! I graduated and became Detail King Certified August 2017.

    Valentino Casseus – I Would Do It Again!
    Quality Rides

  • I am now Detail King Certified! I thought I knew a good bit about auto detailing business aspects and detailing information as well as the techniques, equipment, and products. I did know quite a lot but this detailing training opened my eyes to a whole new level of business and technical skills.

    I will now go back home to Southern California to re-evaluate my detailing techniques and systems and I know I will do better work, get jobs done faster, and make more money. If you have no experience at all you will get it here at Detail King! If you have a lot of experience you will still have much to learn from this detailing class.

    Plus you get to use many different detailing tools and products to try out. Where else can you try out all the tools and products and methods? You could learn things gradually and in a hit or miss fashion. Or you could come to Detail King and learn it all quickly and systematically.

    All the detailing trainers were a joy to work with and answered all questions thoroughly and competently. There were many tips passed on to us that you wouldn’t learn elsewhere. I became Detail King Certified August 2017.

    Lee Shurie – Trainers Were a Joy To Work With!
    Owner, Spiffy-Me Mobile Detail

  • Attending the Detail King 2-day technician auto detailing program was an amazing experience. The staff was incredible and ready to give advise as well as answer questions. They were all very genuine and just as passionate as myself.

    I learned a lot of information from the guys at Detail King and would recommend this course to anyone. I recently attended the August 2017 seminar and left a Certified Auto Detailing Technician!! It was truly a great experience If your reading this, I would check them out. The course was well worth the money.

    Anthony Chidiac – The Course Was Well Worth The Money

  • This past weekend at the Detail King Auto Detailing Training Seminar was amazing! The classroom portion was very informative and professionally delivered. Nick Vacco, Bill Bruno and Paul Angel did a great job teaching. All the employees of Detail King are very passionate about their jobs and also training others.

    The second day o detailing hands on training gave me a lot of confidence with using the professional equipment and chemicals. I am now more confident in my ability and exited to take the next step to starting my auto detailing business. Thank you to Nick and his team. You definitely changed my life! I graduated August 2017 and am now Detail King Certified!

    Thomas Corp – This Past Weekend Was Amazing

  • The 3 day Craftsman class at Detail King was an invaluable experience. The staff was great and eager to share their knowledge and expertise. The business management material was well thought out, well organized and easy to understand for those new to or experienced at running their own car detailing business.

    The hands on auto detailing classes covered all the essential equipment, supplies, techniques and more. Working with classmates of all experience levels and sharing knowledge, experiences and teachable moments made for a truly great time. The money spent will be made back quickly utilizing the knowledge and skills developed here.

    This was truly time and money well spent and I would recommend Detail King to anyone serious about getting into the detailing business.   recently graduated and was certified August 2017.

    Rich Rodeheaver – Was An Invaluable Experience

  • Attending the Detail King three day craftsman auto reconditioning seminar was the best money I have ever spent. I was hesitant at first to sign up, but I am very glad I did. Nick Vacco and the  Detail King Team have really put together a great program. The facilities from the classroom to the workshop are top-notch.

    Each person at Detail King really cares greatly about your experience and they are very invested in making sure you go home with all of the skills needed to start and run a successful auto detailing business. These are the people who make the industry thrive! As soon as I got back home from the seminar I put those learned skills to use and have blown away my customers.

    Once you get to use Detail King products, you will find that they speak for themselves. I have used many products over the years from companies big and small. Let’s just say Detail King replaced them all. Looking forward to having Detail King in my corner! I recently was certified August 2017 at DK! 

    Brent Dessaint – These Are The People That Make The Industry Thrive!
    Fanatic Autowerks

  • Really had great time at the Detail King Auto Detailing Craftsman Class. Looking forward to applying what I learned in the future. I graduated August 2017.

    Joel Bentley – Had a Great Time

  • The Detail King auto detailing training seminar was an amazing program. My wife and I attended a three day training course and after leaving we had a full understand of running and managing an auto detailing business. The Detail King training staff and instructors were kind and informative. The auto detailing equipment and chemicals are also amazing and we plan to use nothing but DK products in our business. We graduated July 2017.

    Taylor Shaffer – Training Seminar Was Amazing
    a & a auto detailing & repairs

  • I Just completed the 3 day Detail King Craftsman Seminar on August 6, 2017, and I can say, it was very beneficial and rewarding in terms of business material and hands on tutorials. The Detail King Training School was definitely an excellent experience for any car enthusiasts, new detailers or any detailing professionals who are interested in learning new skills as well as trying out excellent new products available in the Detail Kind’s line of items.

    Not only was a quality auto detailing instruction’s first impression, but the camaraderie among Detail King’s crew and classmates made a huge difference. Been basically new business owner for the last year, I can tell you that the most important area of any business (small or large) is customer service and clients relationship. I can definitely recommend Detail King’s excellent products and the 3-day seminar to anyone interested in the detail business as a hobby or as a profession. I look forward to a long lasting business and personal relationship with all those associated with Detail King.

    Alberto Gomez – An Excellent Experience
    Owner / Operator