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Detail King Customer Reviews

Detail King Customer Reviews

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  • I would just like to say thanks to all the Detail King training staff who worked very hard to help us in the auto detailing business class last weekend, you are very genuine people and words can’t express how appreciative I am. I would to give a thanks to Nick Vacco for giving so many people hope and opportunity to thrive in what the have passion for.

    The detailing business class material was phenomenal and  the lecture was thoroughly brought, the hand outs that were provided in class had valuable information for any auto detailing business to thrive. The hands on detailing experience was very helpful, gave me a lot of confidence to educate my customers also provide an excellent service. Class September 2017 graduate, I’m official now!! Thanks Detail King!

    Blake Daugherty – Business Class Material Was Phenomenal
    World Supreme Mobile Detailing

  • I would definitely recommend Detail King auto detailing training to anybody that wants to learn how to detail or would like to start your own detailing business. Nick Vacco and his staff did a wonderful and thorough job of explaining the details. The little hints and tips they provided will set you apart from the rest. You also get a lot of hands on training with some really great detailing products that work really great. You would have to watch hundreds of videos to receive the wealth of knowledge I gained in the Detail King Craftsman course. From the business side to the ins and outs of detailing a vehicle they exceeded my expectations. I graduated September 2017 and am now Detail King Certified!

    Shawn Strong – I Am Now Detail King Certified

  • I have been certified in the auto detailing industry for over 10 years as well as mobile electronics. When I first grasp the idea of detailing as a career path Detail King was the first training institute that caught my eye. I would watch all of the YouTube videos and test the methods on my vehicle and in the detail shop I working in at that time. While serving in the Army and moving to different locations I started a side job detailing cars and was very successful using Detail King’s products. At that point I built a strong trust in the DK brand and was eager to attend their training, but hard to schedule it in with my military career.

    After 10 plus years I finally made it to Detail King’s school and will strongly say it was well worth the wait. The amount of money I invested to attend this class is priceless to the value of knowledge and experience I gained in these 3 days. Nick Vacco and and the crew was a great group of a guys to be around. I can not even explain the high level of treatment that is provided. There was always snacks both healthy and non healthy, drinks, water, coffee everything was covered to ensure a relaxed family environment. The entire Detail King crew was willing to go out of their way to ensure you are successful and needs are met.

    I especially have to shout out Dave for coming into the shop early Monday to assist me with loading and securing the power wash system I purchased, because of his dedication I was able to head back to GA at a decent time. Thanks to Bill for putting my order together and following up with me after leaving the detailing training. Training is explained thoroughly demonstrated then passed to you as the student for hands on experience. Trainers give great tips to be consistent and timely to increase productivity. The business aspect is very detailed and easy to follow, training information is given to you for later reference to help create your business portfolio.

    In summary, I can not express the value of this  class even as a 10 year detailing veteran my expectations were exceeded by far. There will be more knowledge gained from many different angles of the detailing business. As a former Army instructor I know the difference of teaching people to pass a test compared to sharing real world knowledge for success and survival for the future. Here you will gain the knowledge and support to build your business and gain true financial independence. Thanks again Detail King for all you do to change lives. I graduated September 2017 and now am Detail King Certified!!!!

    Steven Michael Murray Jr – I Cannot Express The Value Of This Class
    Royal Recon, LLC

  • My experience was great with Detail King…I learned a lot…The correct way to clean a Car in an out…The staff was the best trainers to be taught by…Also Nick…I truly recommend for anybody wanting to start detailing to go to Detail King institute …The Best…Well worth it…Thanks Nick Vacco and your whole Team! I graduated September 2017 and am now Detail King Certified!!!! The Best Of The Best!!!

    Veronica Adkins – My Experience Was Great
    Detailer for Auto Drive away

  • Attending the Detail King auto detailing school was one of the best decisions I’ve made to date. After the class I made it home and I was at a stalemate so I looked back over my notes and sure enough there were the answers I’ve needed. Currently waiting to receive my business license and then further work on the interior of my shop.

    The Detail King products and procedures should really help to elevate my livelihood socially and economically. I really enjoyed the total experience. The staff gets a five star rating as do the instructors Nick and Paul provided me very eye opening information. Anything further Detail King has to offer in the future I am all for attending. I got certified August 2017. 👍🏿👍🏿 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Willie L. Johnson Jr. – Was One Of The Best Decisions I Have Made
    Delta Detailers

  • The Detail King Auto Detailing Technician Program was a huge benefit. I was able to get a more firm understanding on the business side of things as well as the technical side. To any entrepreneur or individual seeking more knowledge about detailing, this is definitely for you. Being able to call yourself a Detail King certified detailing technician is a huge honor. I challenge you to join the few. The information and experience I have gained from this program will take me far. I graduated and became certified August 2017. Thanks Detail King!

    Johnathan Flynn – This Program Will Take Me Far
    New Summit Automotive Services

  • The Detail King auto detailing class was very informative and was taught in a very relaxed environment. My class varied in age and experience with participants from as far away as California and Trinidad. I learned from the techs that taught the hands on class and Nick Vacco who was very hands on throughout the entire training. It was good to have the training broken down into two parts with the business side and opportunities explained in great details and the hands on training.

    The detailing class opened my eyes to the possibilities of building a business and the confidence to tackle a full detail on a black vehicle with cloth interior. I would recommend this course to entrepreneurs as well as any level detailer. The information that was provided was very beneficial to me and my classmates that had varied experience as detailers and business owners.

    I want to thank Nick Vacco and his staff for a great learning experience and the opportunity to experiment with the Detail King products. I look forward to utilizing Detail King as a product supplier for all of my detailing needs. I graduated and became Detail King Certified August 2017. Art Weaver- Detail King opened my eyes to Detailing. The Art of Detail. I graduated September 2017

    Artis Weaver – The Class Opened My Eyes To The Possibilities
    The Art of Detail

  • My experience at Detail King Auto Detailing School  has been very positive and inspirational!! Not only did I pick up some valuable information and new skills, I gained a new set of friends whom I now talk and network with. And I cannot praise the staff at Detail King enough! Not only did they take their time to teach us the skills to succeed, they completely made us feel like we were a part of their family while we were there. So kudos to Detail King and their staff and congratulations to my September 15-17 class of 2017.

    Richard – My Experience Has Been Very Inspirational!
    Lead Detailer at Auto Driveaway

  • I want to thank Nick Vacco and his entire team for this great weekend. You can tell that Detail King is committed and is enthusiastic about the Auto Detailing Industry and helping others either entering into it or in my case already in it. It was a weekend filled with information – Nick and Paul’s perspectives on creating business plans, marketing, retaining customers, following up, etc. was spot on. I will be certainly changing some things in my operation due to the fist day seminars.

    The second day was spent in the ‘shop’ on exterior detailing – Nick came through with two rather beat up and dirty SUV’s. Again looking around the shop you can see the passion not only by Nick but by the entire Detail King Team – it is organized and spot less, and things just happens among the staff without very little discussion. The environment inspired me to implement a few new procedures in my operation. It was interesting to follow the exterior detailing procedures and to be able to use some of the DA polishers that I have not used before. The instruction was great – we worked in groups of 4 people and had 2 instructors per group, and there was plenty of detailing equipment for everyone to be able to spend time with it.

    Day three was spent on Interior car detailing – similar to day two, it really drove home to me the importance of having standard operating procedures in your operation – this is SO important to create a consistent product for your customer. Speaking of products – we used I would guess almost all of Detail Kings products, and they performed very well, it is unfortunate that I am located in the west coast of Canada so having to deal with customs, shipping, and exchange rate – perhaps that is something that Nick and I can work on together, as i would certainly use the products.

    The only suggestion I would make is in regards to the testimonials – I would only hold one session, That is just me as I am not a person who is comfortable in front of cameras. I highly recommend this auto detailing course to anyone thinking of entering or already in the detailing world. I also need to thank the group of students that I got to work with and meet – what an interesting, fun, and energizing group from all over the USA including Alaska. I wish each and everyone of them continued passion and much success in the business – I was a great pleasure to meet all of you.

    Alex Hoelk – I highly recommend This Course
    Owner/99 Detail Center

  • I had a great time learning and getting answers to my questions by experienced auto detailing trainers at the Detail King seminar August 2017. The business portion of the class really enlightened about my auto detailing business and all the opportunities and possibilities for me to capitalize on. 

    Paul Angell made me understand that I need processes and procedures to run my business effectively. And to have Nick Vacco instructing the class and giving us pointers about detailing says a lot to me. I mean how many times do you meet and get training from the top dog of the company! I appreciate the knowledge and help this detailing class has given to me. Detail King did change my life! I am now Detail King Certified!

    Corey L. Fields – Detail King Did Change My Life!
    Big City Detail LLC