Car Wash Mats, Water Containment & Reclamation Systems

Car Wash Mats, Water Containment & Reclamation Systems

detail-king-eco-friendly-mobile-auto-detailing-businessWhen it comes to protecting the environment, Detail King is at the forefront in offering equipment designed to keep waste water from reaching our oceans, lakes and streams. Our car wash mats, water-containment, water-reclamation and water-recovery systems will keep you firmly in the eco-friendly field when it comes to washing and detailing vehicles. We even offer heavy grade mini vinyl car wash mats that are perfect for containing wash water run-off when cleaning engine compartments.

Today more than ever, it’s important that all mobile auto detailers and mobile car wash operators be up to date on local environmental laws as they pertain to water runoff and containment. Detail King’s car wash mats (water-containment mats) are constructed of a tough polyethylene material used in the trucking industry for the transfer of hazardous liquids. These mats are made of 40-mil, heavy-duty polyethylene material, and that’s quite an improvement over cheaper vinyl models that don’t hold up even under normal usage.

What we did was go directly to the leading manufacturer of containment mats for the trucking industry and asked them to design smaller durable units for the mobile auto detailer in mind. Displayed here are our most popular sizes — although we can certainly have a custom-size mat made to your specifications. We recently began offering a heavy-grade vinyl car wash mat that is lighter-weight than our polyethylene models making it easier to fold and stow.

We also offer Vacu Berms that can be connected to a shop vac to reclaim wash water. The Vacu Berm can be positioned on the asphalt in the direction the dirty wash water is flowing and be “vacuumed up.” Detail King even offers a water-reclamation system that comes standard with a powerful three-stage vacuum motor designed to reclaim water. Be sure to check out our Big Dog Water Reclaim System. Be sure you are compliant when washing cars as a mobile operator. Check with your local government municipal office or the EPA regional office in your area to see what you need to do to be compliant when washing vehicles at businesses and residential neighborhoods.

  • Vacu Berm For Car Washing



    Clean up your detailing act with the Vacu Berm! Stay in compliance with local laws by containing your wash water with the Vacu Berm. Simply place the Vacu Berm near the gutter to capture water before it reaches the sewer drain, or use anywhere to capture wash water. Unit is 48" long. You can use a standard wet/dry vac to vacuum the dirty wash water into a holding tank, oil/water separator system... LEARN MORE

  • Mr Green's Wash Water Tank System



    Now you can wash cars everywhere and be compliant with local EPA regulations. Easily reclaim your mobile car wash water and obtain profitable commercial accounts and gain access to neighborhoods where waste water run off is not allowed. Detail King's Mr. Green's Waste Water Tank System will enable you to economically reclaim your wash water right from your car wash mat. "Being Green Is In" and your... LEARN MORE

  • Big Dog Water Reclamation Vacuum System



    Now you can reclaim water quickly and easily and be environmentally compliant with our new Big Dog Water Reclamation Vacuum System. This unit will last for years & years because it is designed to lift water, most "shop vac" types of vacuums are not designed to lift water but designed to vac up saw dust and light weight debris and will wear out quickly. This unit comes standard with the following... LEARN MORE

  • Big Dog Water Reclamation Vacuum System - 30 Gallon w/Pump Out



    With the convenience of the Auto Pump-Out feature you'll never have to stop working to dump your 30 gallon tank! Now you can reclaim water quickly and easily and be environmentally compliant with our new Big Dog Water Reclamation Vacuum System. This unit will last for years & years because it is designed to lift water, most "shop vac" types of vacuums are not designed to lift water but designed... LEARN MORE

  • Water Reclamation Pud-L Skoop



    Use our "Pud-L" Skoop with a vacuum source to pick up the wash water from your wash mat. The mesh strainer at the bottom was specifically designed to keep dirt and debris out of your vacuum. The Pud-L Skoop is easy to set up and easy to use. LEARN MORE

  • Sand Snake - 48" Vinyl Berm



    Fill the 48" Sand Snake heavy grade vinyl berm with sand and use it to funnel water to the Vacu Berm (sand not included). Wire tie included to close up the one open end. You would use the Sand Snake if you wanted to increase the Vacu Berm coverage by butting the Sand Snake up to the Vacu Berm. You can also place the Sand Snake on the back side of the Vacu Berm to seal against rough surfaces. If... LEARN MORE

  • Engine Compartment Water Containment Mat - 4' x 5'



    Our Engine Compartment Water Containment Mat is the ideal car wash accessory to use to contain dirty and greasy engine compartment water runoff. Excellent mat to use whether you are providing low pressure eco friendly engine washing or using a power washer. Our mat is constructed of commercial grade super-tough vinyl and has an encapsulated 4" foam berm. The foam berm can be driven on, driven over... LEARN MORE

  • Mini Car Wash Mat 6' x 8' - Ideal For Low Pressure Wash Systems



    This is the perfect Eco Friendly car wash mat for the mobile detailer that must conserve water and also avoid water run-off issues. Our Mini Car Wash Mat is also the perfect compact size only: 6' x 8' and constructed of a heavy gauge, light weight vinyl material attached to a 4" encapsulated foam berm. If you are using a Low Pressure Wash System like our battery operated DK1500 this mat is a perfect... LEARN MORE

  • Water Containment Mat - 10' x 20' w/Brackets



    Our water containment mats enable the mobile auto detailier or car wash operator to wash cars anywhere and comply with EPA regulations. These mats are made of tough 40 mil heavy-duty polyethylene material, don't be fooled by cheaper vinyl models that will not hold-up even under normal usage. These mats are actually made in much larger sizes for the trucking industry to contain potential hazardous materials.... LEARN MORE

  • Water Containment Mat - 10' x 20' w/ Foam Berm



    Our foam water containment mat is made from a flexible heavy-duty poly material that is 40 mil thickness but more flexible than our model with the berm brackets. The foam berm is 4" high and the mat contains water while you are washing the vehicle. You can easily drive over the berm to go onto and to get off of the mat. The EPA is becoming stricter regarding car wash water runoff. Detail King has made... LEARN MORE

  • Vinyl Water Containment Mat W/ Ground Cover - 10' x 20' - Foam Berm



    This newest to our line-up of Detail King water containment mats is made from a heavy-duty 18 ounce, commercial grade vinyl material that is lighter to carry and more compact to stow that our other polyurethane models. This unit is ideal if you are mobile and need to move it periodically throughout your work day. Our new heavy duty vinyl car wash mat weighs about half as much as our other full size... LEARN MORE