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Using SMS Text Alerts To Inform Your Car Detailing Business Customers

Using SMS Text Alerts To Inform Your Car Detailing Business Customers

Having a Short Message Service (SMS) Text Alert campaign is yet another social media networking platform that you can pull from your marketing toolbox, proving to very effective if executed properly and used strategically. SMS marketing is simple to use and its messages are almost instantly viewed by customers and potential customers once they appear on their cell phone. In fact, the average SMS message draws a 97 percent open rate with 87 percent of messages read in the first 15 minutes after receipt.

Using SMS text alerts as a part of your digital arsenal ensures that you target an audience and almost guarantee they will view your content. Having a slow week? Send a text alert to your auto-detailing customers and prospects that promotes a limited-time super deal, reminding them that this gem of an offer expires very soon.

Being able to personalize your text messages to your customers with relevant information for that customer makes SMS text alerts a highly effective addition to your digital marketing program and a great compliment to your email program. You can text your customers and prospects time-sensitive offers, special savings deals, even instant coupons. Some SMS text alert businesses will allow you attach a mobile coupon or even a QR code. DetailDeals.com is one such web site offering text alert service free of charge for auto-detailing companies if they sign up for their mobile app service. It’s certainly worth taking a look at.

Like we’ve been saying all along, using social media to promote your auto detailing business is part of how you become successful. And if you’re on top of your game, adding text alerts to your arsenal brings results.

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