Detail King Celebrates 10 Years!

Nick Vacco, Founder, Owner, and President of Detail King, started his career as a hard working proprietor of his very own personal auto detailing and reconditioning shop for 13 years. This started Nick’s journey to operating his own Auto Detailing Supply Business and Auto Detail Training Institute. This 25 year expedition has allowed Nick to gain the experience and knowledge of the business to separate him from competitors and provide a unique niche to his customers.

Nick sold his detailing business to gain capital for Detail King. He ran a one-man operation out of his home with one goal in mind that he knew would surely be a success in this business sector. Nick wanted to use his experience and past success to help teach others to own and operate their own Auto Detailing Businesses. Nick’s entrepreneurial swagger would prove to be a key asset in this business venture.

nick vacco president of detail king lpNick started off his business venture by using the World Wide Web as a business tool. He knew his service could be of use to people around the world, not just locals from Pittsburgh. Using the internet, he started selling products online from his home to help gain revenue and Detail King was born.

Detail King has hired a dependable and faithful staff to operate its sales and customer service efforts. For each member of the sales and customer service team, Detail King has been their first job after graduating from college. Their degrees from either business or marketing give them the knowledge to be an exceptional team. Nick is proud to say that. “Detail King’s staff has learned the business from the ground up. They are the best in the industry because of their education and knowledge of our products.”

For the first five years of the business, Nick conducted around four or five classes a year. He knew with a little more help and a bigger facility he could hold larger classes more often. In May 2005, he acquired a 6000 square foot two-level facility and hired a staff to help accommodate the added number of participants in the training seminars. Nick was finally beginning to maximize Detail King’s potential.

Two summers ago, Detail King expanded once again by adding an additional 1500 square foot warehouse to its facility. With this warehouse, Detail King can support its customers faster by providing daily shipping directly from the warehouse to its customers.

Besides Nick’s experience and vast knowledge of the Auto Detailing Business, Nick has become a master at marketing and customer service. Detail King understands that its customers are its number one priority is to provide extraordinary customer service for any customer and any size transaction. Detail King is so confident and candid about their customer service, that they place a seal of “Extraordinary Customer Service” on every package that leaves their warehouse.

Detail King has turned knowledge into a skill. Using this strategy, sales have continued to grow and are actually higher than the previous year. This is an astonishing feat for any company in any industry during a recession. Since 1999, Detail King as expanded its market to over 50 countries and has over 13,000 customers. This was almost easy for Detail King because they have become a one stop shop where customers can order products, receive training, gain support, and have access to professional equipment and chemicals.

Detail King continues to expand and separate themselves from competitors. Last year, Detail King was approved by the state of Pennsylvania Board of Education to become a private licensed school. In addition, Detail King recently added two more offices to its facility to increase its marketing department and administration staff to assist with business needs.

Detail King understands that they do not need to be the biggest supplier or teacher, but they must continue to be the BEST. Having the best products, service, and on-going support not only helps Detail King succeed but helps its customers to become successful as well. Nick states, “It all starts with education. Educating the customers to become successful entrepreneurs helps them grow and survive. We provide our customers the cutting edge over their competitors. If our customers are growing, then Detail King is also growing.”

~ Jake Russell