Easy Ways To Grow Your Auto Detailing Business

Acquire More Repeat Business In 2021

1. Adjust Your Business Model For 2021
     Reassess Your Target Customer

  • Who really is your ideal detailing customer?
  • How are they going find you?
  • What cleaning and detailing services are they looking for in 2021?
  • How can you make it more convenient for them to do business with you?
  • Be committed to connect to your target customers!
  • What factors make up the relationship with your customers besides geography and consumer behavior?
  • What do you need to tweak to attract more ideal customers?
  • What services can you expand without outpacing your ability to deliver high quality?
  • Once you understand how your ideal customer fits into the best components of your business, you will have a more complete picture of what to adjust for 2021.
  • Once you have a clear picture of your ideal customers you need to capitalize on their needs and your strengths.
  • Adjust your business to appeal and serve the perfect client.
  • Doubling down may feel risky especially if you have been positioning your self to serve “anyone” & “everyone” – But you will never catch a fish with a dull hook & your business will never grow with a fuzzy focus.
  • By focusing on your “ideal” client you will be free to build your business with the kind of clients that will fuel your growth, not hinder it.

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2. Add New Revenue Streams From Existing Customers
Find Ways To Add Revenue By Working Smarter Not Harder

  • Innovate your detailing business, it’s the HOW that makes the difference when it comes to success.
  • New client acquisition becomes time consuming and costly, that is why I recommend adding revenue streams from existing customers.
  • Add revenue streams that capitalize on existing customers.
  • Keep your name in front of your existing customer base through emails and text messages.
  • Offer maintenance washes, maintenance details and ceramic coating maintenance services to your ideal customers that you have identified.
  • The easy person to sell is one who already has done business with you because you have already built trust with them.
  • Once you have that trust your rate of return escalates.
  • If you can find ways to add value to your existing customers you can add revenues and expedite your sales process.
  • What services do your ideal existing customers need that you currently do not offer or promote well?
  • How can you meet those needs within your current business structure and resources?
  • If you can identify these “sweet spots” you can create new revenue streams that will accelerate your revenue growth without putting a strain on your strategy and budget.
  • Getting feedback from your ideal customers is the best way to get dialed in on what needs they’re looking for a solution to.
  • Tools like Google Forms & SurveyMonkey can get your survey up and running quickly and get this intel to you ASAP
  • Ask questions like: What is your challenge right now with keeping your vehicle clean and looking great? What do you wish you could have to help you do this?
  • Once you have this valuable information bring it to your team of detailers. Talking through new revenue streams with your team is crucial.
  • Your team may hear things from customers that you may not be aware of, a good sit down with your team may open your eyes up.
  • Use this information to expand the number of data inputs you have access to when trying to pinpoint your customers needs, experiences and expectations.
  • Your team may have fresh ideas on how to leverage those unspoken needs into new forms of revenue.

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3. Add A Reoccurring Revenue Stream To Your Offerings
     Reoccurring Revenue Lowers Sales Friction

  • Most purchases from your new customers receive the highest level of scrutiny when the initial decision is made.
  • This may require several phone conversations and email exchanges before the appointment is booked.
  • The beauty of a reoccurring revenue stream is that there is a “set and forget” element to it for both your team and your customer. Very little selling needed after the fact.
  • Reoccurring Offers provides you more flexibility to continue adding revenue by way of long term relationships rather than one time transactions.
  • Reoccurring services allows you to add continuous value to your customers in a way that a one-time purchase may not.
  • People are willing to continually pay for services they need on an ongoing basis because of convenience and mitigating risks of doing business with someone else.
  • Think about what intangibles you can use to sweeten your service offer in creating a reoccurring revenue stream for your detailing business.
  • You see this everywhere, you are probably a customer of a myriad of several kinds of reoccurring revenue models.
  • Adding a reoccurring revenue stream is about finding the sweet spot where you can add additional value to your customer while maintaining your profitability.
  • Offer a subscription based maintenance wash service where your customers pay upfront for several washes at a package discount.
  • This keeps your customers coming back to you rather than looking for a maintenance provider and the possibility of losing that customer.
  • There is a great value proposition for the customer because they do not have to search for a provider, they know you are there for them.
  • What matters most is identifying what your customers reoccurring needs are and that is where the survey will greatly help.
  • If you can offer your customers the additional value to stick with your detailing business you will create a revenue stream that is NOT as heavily dependent on new customer acquisition and it even builds customer loyalty.
  • Prioritize these tips if you think this can help grow your business in 2021, don’t put them at the bottom of your 2021 to-do list.
  • As a business owner you know growth rarely happens by accident, so make the time to invest in your detailing business’s future!

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