A Facebook Page Is A Must!!

Facebook has become the most popular visited website venue of all time. If you do not have a facebook page you need to create one right now. Social Media will keep your customers “engaged” with your business and also be a helping hand to get new customers for you. Over 1 billon people have a personal facebook page and many of them that own businesses and have also created a facebook fan page. By having a facebook page you can keep your past customers and future customers up-to-date with the latest news about your business. You can post images of vehicles you have just detailed, write about car care tips and even promote your services and car detailing specials that you are offering.

You can even publish and target your own display ads that will show up on other Facebook subscriber’s profile pages that you choose. You decide the area, ages, and profile types where you want your ads to be published. You also set the budget of how much you will pay when your ad is clicked on. If someone clicks on your ad it will take them to your web site or a special splash page HTML that you created. Bes sure to look at your reports on Facebook so you can see how well your ads are performing and what they are costing you. Get a free Google Analytics account so you can see your stats that will show you how many of your web pages were visited and how long the visitor stayed on your web site. These visitors were referred from your Facebook display ads.

Once someone becomes a “friend” or “fan” of your facebook page, every time you create a post on your profile page they will be able to see it on their news feed page. You can also even schedule an “event” and all of your fans will be notified about the details. This event could be one day car detail sale or a special promotion that runs the entire month, it’s totally up to you! Your customers may not be visiting your web site every day but chances are they are checking their facebook page. Once you post something new on your Wall, there is a good chance they will see it and it could mean more business for you. If you have questions about how to promote your Facebook page, please contact us.