Promote Your Facebook Address

Facebook has become a huge help for businesses on keeping engaged with their customers and the online community. It is the next best thing to have online besides a website. “Your Facebook address has become just as important to promote as a business name.” Whether you are just starting a Fan Page or already have one and are looking to increase your Fan base than here are a couple things that I suggest doing.

First, word of mouth is the most powerful way of promoting your business fan page to others. So tell each of your customers to “like” you on Facebook. Let them know that there are benefits to following your business, to keep them up to date with new promotions, sales, special offers, or even think about having private offers for only Facebook Fans. That will catch their attention as long as you let them know there’s nothing to lose but lots to gain by becoming a Fan of your business.

Next thing is to “tag” your Facebook address along with anything and everything that your customers or the public will see. Meaning your logo, flyers, service menus, website, trailer, signs, mobile rig, anything that the public will see that ties into promoting your business. You want everyone that looks at the name of your business to know that they can find and reach you on Facebook. Use your Facebook Page to your advantage and promote it as if it were your Business name and watch your Fan base increase! Don’t just read this and think about it, DO IT!