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Airport Park & Fly Operations Can Make You Money!

You can set up individual appointments all day long for your auto-detailing business and you can do quite well at it. But here’s an idea that can get you a lot of customers in one location — fast. Of course this will require your territory including an airport. And that airport will need to have a park & fly facility in order for this business proposition to work.

What you do is go visit the park & ride facility and talk to the owner. These facilities are usually located within a mile or so from major airports. Travelers drop off their car and a park & fly vehicle takes them to the airport. Potential customers leave their vehicles parked at the facility’s lot for anywhere from a day to a few weeks. The average stay is five days. This is the perfect opportunity for you to provide your detailing services. Work out a plan with the park & fly establishment where they promote car wash and detailing services to their patrons. The attendant at these establishments should hand out one of your flyers or brochures to incoming park & ride customers.

Typically the traveler is in a hurry and may not be able to make a decision right away. Your flyer should have the park & fly facility’s contact information so the customer can call them later to request an appointment while they are gone. It’s also a good idea for you to receive their contact information so you can email them or send an SMS text alert to their cellphone reminding them that detailing services can be performed while they are away. The big draw for customers is that they can have the work done while their car is just sitting there in the park & fly lot. It’s the perfect time to have the detailing performed!

Your task is to work out a split with the park & fly facility and everybody wins!

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