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Investing in one’s future especially regarding education is critical to progress and develop in any career. Most all professionals have some type of formal training before they can perform their services. Being properly trained gives the professional detailer the confidence to charge his or her customers what the job is really worth. Individuals who have not been properly trained in the auto-reconditioning field tend to charge less for their services because they don’t know how to educate the customer regarding the services that they provide.

Educating the customer regarding the services that you can provide and how it will benefit them is critical to your success. Your expertise and professionalism demonstrates that you know what you’re talking about and builds credibility with the customer and value with the services you are discussing. Anyone can talk to a customer about washing and waxing their car. We teach the student how to “evaluate” the customer’s vehicle and make recommendations to the customer. Most car owners don’t really know what base coat/clear coat paint is and how it should be maintained. Once the detailer gives a brief history of these paint systems and how their service will help protect and maintain the paint, the customer understands why they need your services and regards you as a true professional.

Operating a successful auto-detailing business involves many important components. Professionalism is one of them. Demonstrating that you are a true professional will be a major factor with how successful you will be. Our training class focuses much attention on how to professionally deal with prospects and customers and how to promote the image of your business in a very positive fashion. Your image is everything. From the moment you answer your phone to the final handshake with your customer before they drive away —  and everything in between —will be discussed in our training classes. Professionalism leads to more repeat customers and referrals.

Attending a superior hands-on training class should be a priority. We believe — and the more than 1,000 students who have attended our hands-on training class believe — that classroom experience is the best way to learn. Let’s just throw some initial challenges at you. And it’s a long list: There’s paint over-spray, scuffs and scratches, faded paint, oxidized plastic, tree sap, bird dropping stains, acid rain, water spots on glass, dull chrome, bugs, heavily polluted clear coat paints, rock paint chips and soiled convertible roofs. Not to mention heavy tar deposits, mal odor interiors, water-damaged interiors, filthy headliners, worn leather seats and extremely soiled carpets. Starting to get the picture? Having the knowledge and experience necessary to correct these issues will separate you from the competition and give you the ability to grow your business quickly.

Proper training is critical to success. We will teach you how to promote your business through advertising and marketing, how to create and maintain a professional image, how to effectively manage and grow your business and how to evaluate what your customer’s vehicle needs and how to execute the services you will need to provide. That is a lot to learn — and we know that!

But the big payoff comes after graduation from one of our two-day weekend seminar or our private-three day training sessions. Because that’s when you become a professional auto detailing specialist!

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