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Benefits of Having Videos For Your Detailing Business

If we’ve got you convinced that social media networking is the way to go in successfully promoting your mobile auto-detailing or fixed-site business, let’s take things one step further: video production and promotion.

It’s most important today that you bring your business to the attention of everybody with a pulse, and one great way to do this is with a short, two- or three-minute video that illustrates the various services that you offer. You should create videos that show your prowess at interior cleaning, engine shampooing, buffing and polishing, headlight restoration, and all the other services you offer.

To start off, set up your own YouTube channel where your videos can be made available for anyone to watch. You can actually “tag” your videos for good search engine optimization (SEO) so the search engines see them and rank them high. And here’s the thing: You don’t have to make a big production of it. This ain’t Oscar material.

If you don’t have a camcorder or if your phone doesn’t have the capability to make videos, give your local high school or college a call. There are students that take courses on producing videos who would love to help you out. They can do the shoot — complete with editing — and do it for a very reasonable price. Or you can have photos taken with a digital camera and then use an online service like Animoto.com to create an awesome slide show video complete with effects, background music and captions.

As long as you’re developing a library of fine films, you might as well put them all on your web site in addition to YouTube.  Truth is, if you don’t have any videos for your business, you’re missing a great opportunity. YouTube will host your films for free. All you have to do is set aside some time and get them made.

The video below comes to us from Jason McBride, owner of Bling Bling Detail King, located in Orange County, California. This video was made a few years ago and is 10 minutes long. McBride says that if he were to make this video today, he would divide it into five two-minute videos. But this one will give you the idea of what you should be looking to do. Jason used lots of special effects in this video — something that’s not really necessary today. Just be clear in your message and informative about the services your detailing business offers. Then get it online. Separate your business from the competition and create a high-level of credibility. Videos can help you achieve both.

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