Detail King Customer Reviews

The students that have attended the Detail King Auto Detailing Training Institute are encouraged to submit a testimonial reviewing the experience they had while attending the seminar. If you are considering enrolling in one of our auto detailing training programs please review the testimonials below to see what our graduates are saying about the course. If you have attended a Detail King Auto Detailing Training Seminar and would like to submit a testimonial, we welcome your input.

Joe Losee

Detail King really helped me to understand the process of paint correction which will benefit my auto detailing business greatly. The trainers are very knowledgeable and the Detail King’s auto detailing products are great. I definitely recommend the Detail King seminar to anyone interested in starting or improving their auto detailing business. I graduated from the course last weekend – June 22nd, 2014.

Rafael Hernandez

After participating at the Detail King auto detailing training seminar I came to realize how many mistakes I made while detailing automobiles. I have been detailing for about a year and a half and thought I had it down. The Detail King seminar for automobile detailing is a thorough, step by step course, that will help you become a “detailing artist.”  The instructors are extremely experienced and are easy to follow when guiding you through the processes. I recommend to anyone that would be interested in the detailing business to participate in the Auto Detailing Training program offered by Detail King. Thanks to Nick and the guys, today I can really consider myself a true detailer. Rafael Hernandez, I attended the Detail King Craftsman Seminar June of 2014.

Javier Morgades

Where to start? Nick and his Detail King staff were awesome. I have been using Detail King’s product for awhile now and decided to invest in the class. The detailing training class taught me everything I needed to know from starting a business to utilizing the products the proper way. Many thanks to the staff and Nick; you run the perfect business and, more importantly, you taught me something I will never forget. I attended the June Craftsman Class 2014.

Zach Carmichael

I have been a Detail King customer for about 3 years now and I have watched this company continue to grow and completely exceed any expectations anyone could imagine. Nick and his staff are not just people on the other end of the phone when I place orders; they are people who truly care about the success of my company. Detail King has been there for every question I have had while growing my business.

Furthermore, the Detail King Craftsman Seminar is perfect for anyone considering opening an auto detailing business or for an industry veteran. I promise that you will leave their facility motivated, more educated, and totally prepared to run an efficient and promising business. Detail King’s class does more than teach you about the detailing business, it provides you with the intangible and invaluable skills needed to distinguish your company above competitors.

I cannot put into words how grateful I am to Nick and the Detail King staff. Trust me on this, Detail King is in a league of their own when it comes to training and supplying detailers with the skills, products, and equipment needed to run a business. I attended Detail King training in 2014 and 2011.

Kevin Hannum

Hey Buddy. Just wanted to send you a quick e-mail saying THANK YOU for everything you’ve done for me. That order you put in for me the other day, got picked up by UPS yesterday, and it’s set up for delivery TODAY. I was so surprised, I had to double check the e-mail UPS sent me. I have yet to have a negative experience with Detail King. You guys are true professionals. I am so glad that when I decided to start a mobile detailing business, that Detail King would be the company I do business with. I can’t wait until I am able to sign up as a Detail King Authorized Licensee. Thanks Again, Kevin H.

Scott Curtis

I am a 56 year old owner, collector, restorer and builder of American, British and European Cars and Motorcycles. Over the last 30 years I have used about every car care and motorcycle detail product known to mankind. I can state without hesitation the products which I buy from The Detail King are the best on the market. I state this both in terms of applying the various products but also in regards to how long the products provide shine and protection to my cars and motorcycles. Keep up the good work!!

Justin oneill

Detail King has great customer service and great products. I got my order in 2 days I even got an email and a phone call asking how everything turned out. Everything is great. Love Detail King products, I will be a customer for life

Brad Wargo

I have placed multiple orders from The Detail King and each and every time they have gone above and beyond with help and delivery of my products. If you are looking for a supplier with high quality products this is the company to order from. Thanks for all your help and service guys…..


I just want to recognize Jason at Detail king and let everyone know what an awesome job he is doing I haven’t bought as yet, but I get such quick response to my question it is just amazing. From the first time I stubbed upon this site I knew it was what am looking for If the product is as good as the service than that is the partnership I want to be apart off. Keep up the good work Jason.

Al Caretti, Pittsburgh, Pa.

I went to Detail King to purchase a medium cut clay bar and spyder web glaze and Nick recommended the nano towel in place of the regular clay bar. After conversing with Nick and Gary I purchased the nano towel and the next day I detailed a Lexus ES 350 and a Mercedes 500 SL. After the owner saw the results It earned me a ten dollar tip. The spyder web glaze put a phenomenal shine on the black Mercedes and the nano towel removed fallout so much faster than the regular clay bar, 15 minutes to do the entire car and without one scratch. I urge all detailers reading this to talk with Nick and purchase one of these Nano towels as they are the best thing out there. As always, Detail King has the best detailing products on the market. Thanks again Nick for your advice.

Brad Wargo

I just want to thank the staff at Detail King for their support and knowledge to get my business off the ground and keeping it going. I have ordered many products and I am absolutely pleased with the results that your products have and how affordable they are. Once again thank you for your help and look forward to talking with you again. Special thanks to Bill and Jason

Jim Fornadel

Hi, Jason: Just wanted to let everyone know how professional you are and knowledgeable about your products. You have never sold me any product that was not as described. You also never try to oversell me something I don’t need, and you explain in full and answer ever question I have about a product. Not to mention, every product I bought from Detail King has been superb. I especially like the Blue Diamond — it is fantastic. Thanks to everyone there and especially to Jason. Keep up the good work.



Vincent Domiano, Dom’s Detailing Center, Vandergrift, PA 15690

I remember when I was learning how to level paint and I didn’t know exactly what I needed for the job, so I called Detail King!! Once I talked to customer service, the situation was settled, and I felt so confident in doing the project!! I’ve never looked back — let alone looked at another supply provider!! Thanks, Detail King!!

Mark Long, Miller City, Ohio

Hey Jason,

I was there yesterday and picked up the Blue Diamond Polish and just used it on our Jeep Liberty. It is the easiest on/off product I’ve used, and the Jeep turned out great. I really appreciate you recommending the Blue Diamond. The paint was in okay shape at best, but the Blue Diamond cleaned the paint, removed the minor swirls and removed the water spots. I can’t imagine a better one-step product and this will be my “go to” polish. I am just a hobbyist doing my own cars and don’t spend a lot of money on your products, but you still provided great advice and service and because of that, I will buy all of my detailing supplies at Detail King and will strongly recommend your company to anyone I speak with —any time car detailing (or even basic car cleaning) comes up in the conversation.

Thanks again!



Douglas Cephas

Can’t be happier! Before putting in my first order, I talked with Nick and decided Detail King was my choice to get my supplies. That turned out to be great. I love the products, and every time I email Jason with questions, I get a quick reply. Thanks for great products and great service.

Noah Danso

I really like the products, anytime I use it , my customer’s wonders about it and the shipment is one of the best.

Lovell Lee, L&L Auto Detailing, USA

Detail King has great customer service and valuable insight on growing your business just from the website. I have adopted several of their marketing strategies and have seen great results. The information has given me the upper hand over my competitors in my area. Implementing the express detailing has really produced very positive results. I recommend Detail King highly!!!

Lovell Lee

Detail King has great customer service very valuable insight on growing your business just from the website. I have adopted several of their marketing strategies and have seen great results. The information has given me the upper hand over my competitors in my area. Implementing the express detailing has really produced very positive results. I recommend Detail King highly!!!

Mark Catania

Great products and excellent advice. Nick and the gang are KING!

Paul Jones

I would just like to say thank you to Bill Bruno and staff at Detail King…My Tornador was not working properly And I called Detail King Where they immediately handled the problem I was having With the product After about 15 minutes of trying to get it to work properly We decided that it was on fixable So they sent a new Tornador out On Wednesday afternoon And I just received it This morning… Let’s just say I’m very happy with the product Now!!!!