Detail King Student Testimonials

Warner Huerta

I attended the Detail King 3 day Craftsman class November 2014. I came to this class with 15% knowledge of auto detailing and running a detailing business. Now I feel like I know 100%. Everything that I needed to know, now I know. They answer every question you have. I left the detailing school very happy and knowing I made the right decision coming there. Every Single Penny Was Worth It!

Detail King literally has numerous products to chose from to start a mobile auto detailing business. The few of the things I absolutely loved using was the Mytee carpet extractor, Tornador and the Flex DA.

Ahmed Alsaheel

My presence during the Nov. 2014 Detail King auto detailing training class was an exciting experience, and it is makes me understand how to start an auto detailing business, the meaning of professionalism in the field of cars detailing, chemicals, equipment, tools, financial part of this project, the business opportunity and vision. In the end: WE CHANGE LIVES! I attended The November 2014 Craftsman Class.

Tyree Wilcox

I Attend the October 2014 Detail King two day technician auto detailing training class and enjoyed each day. These guys were very professional, well organized and shared their wealth of knowledge. I would recommend this auto detailing training class to anyone looking to start a career or hobby in auto detailing. It just might be the best invesment of the whole plan. Thanks to the whole Detail King Team and what a great job!!!

John Alter

I attended Detail King’s two day seminar October 2014 which gave me a wealth of knowledge and has helped me refine my skills and market properly. They also helped me conquer the intimidation of using a buffer with proper techniques. Thanks again Detail King & Nick Vacco. You guys are great!

John Wilson III

I attended the 2 day auto detailing hands on training and marketing class on October 18th and 19th 2014 at Detail King. This was the greatest and most informative weekend I’ve ever invested in. I want to start out by saying if you’re a novice, weekend warrior, or veteran, this detailing class is definitely for you. You learn so much from a business starting aspect to strengthen your current or starting occupation as an auto detailer.

I learned how to establish, brand, and grow a new or current business during the first day of training. Day two is when you are a hands on professional learning how to detail an interior & exterior of a vehicle. I like to personally thank the team that impacted my training. The president and Ceo; Mr. Nick Vacco A.K.A. Mr. King Of The Road shared how he started as a child cleaning his mother’s car and leaving a corporate America job for your passion of auto detailing.

I like to thank Bill Bruno & Alan Rich too. Bill your knowledge of what products to purchase and use for different scenarios makes you a great asset to the Detail King family. Alan, your skills as a detail master at training. I felt like Daniel – San to your Mr. Miyagi. Warehouse Mgr Gary Long, you assist on detail training as well as running a clean, warehouse making sure orders get shipped out in a timely manner. Jason Fung for encouraging me to sign up for the 2 day class.

Last but not least Josh Baker for being the Detail King catalog model and the assistant to Nick. The rest of the Detail King staff you are appreciated as well because without you, how would the wheel stay oiled to run a great and professional company? I’m definitely going to be a future success story thanks to you guys.

Rene Szilbereisz

I participated in Detail King’s 2 day Auto Detailing Technician training program. October 2014. I’d like to thank Nick Vacco and his team of professionals for sharing their knowledge and skills and welcoming us into their facility. The training was very informative and was accompanied by great “hands-on” training in the shop.

I am appreciative of the wealth of information I have received and look forward to putting this great training to use. For those considering a career in automotive detailing, Detail King is highly recommended. They will hep you develop your business and provide an excellent support system.

Derrick Ricketts

I attended the October 2014 two day auto detailing technician class at Detail King. I’m happy I had the opportunity to attend this class because it was very informative. The staff there is very professional and they treat you like your one them. It was alot of knowledge about detailing and how to run a business. I look forward to working with my partner  running our auto detailing business the right way and the best way. Thanks to all the staff at Detail King believing in us and I had a great time this past weekend. It feels great to know that I’m now an auto detail technician. Thanks Detail King!

khon chanthanong

I attended the 2 day auto detailing training class at Detail King with simple detailing knowledge. I now have confidence to buff a car, clean and detail the interior and clean and detail an engine compartment! Thanks to Nick and the Detail King family for not only teaching me how to improve the hands on detailing procedures but how to start, operate and grow an auto detailing business. I attended the October 2014 Technician Detailing Class in Pittsburgh, PA.

Mark Szilbereisz

I attended the Detail King 2 day technician auto detailing  class on October 18-19 2014. Nick Vacco and his extremely talented and professional team greeted us and made us feel like part of the Detail King family upon arrival. The excellent and very thorough training , course materials, presentations and facility all left an indelible impression.

The personalised auto detailing instruction and hands-on experience received is definitely an asset to automobile enthusiasts including seasoned professionals. It will help you and your detailing business reach the next level and set you apart from the competition. Thanks again Detail King for the awesome experience and training. It was well worth the drive from Montreal, Canada to gain this valuable and rewarding experience.

Juan P. Alarcon

I attended the Detail King 2-day auto detailing training class on October 2014, and I have to say that Nick and his team at Detail King have put together a great program. Very helpful business information during the class room training on day 1, and it got even better on day 2 when we had the chance to detail end to end real cars with advise from a great group of experts at Detail King.

I am new to the auto detailing world, so for me this class was extremely valuable, and I definetely recommend it to anyone looking to start their detailing business. Thank you so much guys, you’re awesome!!!

Josh Stroup

We attended the Detail King 2 Day Auto Detailing Training Camp with high expectations, but we had no idea that Nick Vacco and his top end team would put on such an impressive show. Relevant materials, experienced speakers, talented technicians and hands on real world training allowed us to really dig in and get serious about learning as much as we could.

The entire training was conducted with the highest of professionalism, not once were we distracted with a sales pitch. If we had questions, they were answered and then right back to business. These guys are real people with great character and personality (with real experience!) who are excited to help the beginner to the seasoned pro take their business to the next level.

We arrived hoping to pick up just one valuable nugget and left with a long list of ideas and proven techniques to improve our operations, end product and overall customer experience – Thanks Detail King! We graduated from the October 2014 Technician Class.

Howard Gray

Hi Nick, and the rest of the Detail King staff. Just want to let you all Know I had a great time at your auto detailing training school. It was great pleasure meeting you all, and the tips you all shared were, and going to be very helpful to me in the future. I wish I could of stayed another weekend because I know there is more I could of learned while I was there.

It seemed like the time flew by so fast the experience I had was great. The staff was polite, kind, respectful, and very helpful. I like the way your detailing school is well organized and put together, and I would refer and recommend every auto detailer to attend your school. Thank you all for having me there, and I do appreciate all your help and advice. I hope to see all of you in the near future.

Joshua Reilly

Just got home from the 3 day class. I was blown away by everything about Nick, his team, and the collective knowledge they had to offer. I look forward to working with Detail King for years to come. Go to this class!!! I attended the October 2014 Craftsman auto detailing and reconditioning seminar.

Ed Kroupa

To all the staff at Detail King, I would like to thank you for sharing your knowledge. The auto detailing seminar was outstanding. Your willingness to help and answer questions was greatly appreciated. The information provided was right on point. From the business information to the hands-on detailing training.

Everything I learned would help anyone who is considering going into the auto detailing business, whether it be as a technician or opening his/her own detail shop. I would highly recommend this seminar. Again Thank You for your support! Ed Kroupa (I attended the September 2014 Detail King Craftsman Class)

Jose Maleck

I went to the Detail King 2 day training program August 2014 and wasn’t expecting how good and informative the classes were. We went from the class room to work on real cars and thats a plus. I would definitely recommend Detail King to anyone who wants to start a new detailing business.

Dan Lumaban

I attended the Detail King training seminar for the class of August 2014 and all I can say is WOW I’ve learned so much in the three days I spent. The courteous staff alone was worth the visit. Nick Vacco is one of the most influential people I have ever met. If you’re looking to getting into the auto detailing business, I HIGHLY recommend this auto detailing seminar. Plenty of useful information and hands on detailing training. 5/5

Kenny Urbina

I went to the Detail King 2 day training program for auto detailing and it really over passed my expectations. Since the moment I got there it was how professional this place and the staff was. They took the time to actually teach you from how to start your auto detailing  business to how to manage it.

Day 2 was all day hands training on a couple of cars which was very useful to learn the proper techniques and methods of the detailing of a vehicle. I really loved the program and I would recommend it to anyone who is or wants to be in this business. I attended the August 2014 Technician Program at Detail King.

Eric “Unstoppable” Gladden

Was hoping for at least some good information regarding the Auto Detailing Business when I signed up to take Detail King’s Training Course this August 2014. Instead, I got out of of it so much-much more! A banquet of pure power is what I truly believe I have received. Just like their slogan says, ” We Change Lives.”  Nick and his band of Merry Men have done just that in my mind.

They say, ” In life and in business, you are only as strong as the relationships that you build over time. This is one relationship that I can’t even begin to place a single value!”… Unmeasurably, priceless. Mr. Vacco, my new friend, you are truly a King in this arena… Keep on doin’ what you’re doin’. God Bless!

Wade Shearer

I took the 2 day auto detailing training class August 2014 as well as the auto reconditioning class and would definitely recommend the Detail King training courses for anybody thinking about getting into car detailing. Whether mobile or fixed, experienced or not, these guys know their stuff and are very willing to share what they know to help you start your detailing business or add to your detailing repertoire.

They get very specific into aspects of the business you might not think about and prepare you for problems down the road. Everyone was very courteous and I appreciated the support they were willing to lend even after the class was over to help keep your business moving forward. I’m glad I went and got hands on detailing training to be more confident with all the various techniques involved. I also like that Detail King has a product for virtually anything you can think of with regards to detailing. Thanks for everything and I hope to stay in contact as I build my auto detailing business.

Michael Johnson

Outstanding – the 2 day auto detailing training course  at Detail King was awesome! Nick and his team has put together a great class. They go over the business aspect of auto detailing. It includes choosing your business name, marketing, repeat customers and everything you need to know. The 2nd day you learn the proper techniques and procedures of detailing a vehicle.

Nick has put a group of guys that are awesome. They will go out of there way to help you understand the detailing process. If you are just starting out or have been detailing for years you need to come to Detail King, they are very knowledgeable in auto detailing. They also can provide you the quality auto detailing products and equipment. I plan on using Detail King products and equipment for my business. They also give great support which I plan on using. It was a great class. thanks guys, Mike Johnson, I attended the 2014 August Technician Class.