Detail King Student Testimonials

Adam Keichel

This 3 day auto detailing training seminar at Detail King has really solidified my confidence and broadened my knowledge about EVERYTHING having to do with proper procedures and the very best products to use for each specific detail job. There are so many ways to make money detailing cars it’s mind blowing. I’ve implemented a few things I’ve learned already and the responses I’m getting are far and away better than I could have even imagined this early on in my business. Getting the RIGHT training is so important and these guys at Detail King are definitely the right people to train and share knowledge. I recommend this craftsman class to anyone looking to start an auto detailing business and or just brush up on a skill set or two. This was worth the investment! I attended the 2014 August Craftsman Auto Detailing Class.

Shane Dustin

Outstanding!! The Detail King class is a must-attend auto detailing seminar for anyone. Whether you are just starting your own detailing business, or have been doing it for 15 years, this seminar will benefit you!

I was unsure at first of what the class would consist of but when I got there I was very impressed with the setup and the business they have. The Detail King has an awesome crew of people who go the extra mile to make sure they can help you in any way possible. They communicate well with each other and put on a great program. I give this group of people, and the class, a 10 out of 10.

I’m looking forward to using the Detail King products from here on out and keeping in touch with them. Thank You to Nick Vacco and the awesome team you put together!! I am proud to say I attended and completed the August 2014 Auto Detailing Craftsman Training Program.

Cody Collar

The Detail King Craftsman training seminar was a great three day seminar. The first day we learned how to start and operate a detailing business fixed or mobile. We learned how to get accounts and manage them the right way. Was a great marketing class with alot of information. The next two days was all hands on from start to finish. The trainers at Detail King go in to depth with everything from interior detailing and exterior detailing. Plus they go over a variety of reconditioning services. Great seminar for the money and they answer all questions that you ask. Thank you too all of the detail king personal. I attended the August 2014 Craftsman Program.

Bruce Cathcart

I have been in business for a year now and have had a few years of detailing experience as well prior to attending class. I went into the Detail King auto detailing training seminar thinking I would only learn a few things but came out learning a massive amount about everything! From how to get new business, how to sell the job, how to price the job, to actually doing the Job the correct way.

Detail king is an amazing training program to attend even if you have your own detailing business already. Not only are they a training class they have there own product line that is simply amazing.  I would recommend this detailing class to anyone in a heartbeat. The class size was kept smaller which means more hands on training for everyone with all of the latest equipment and products.

I give Detail King a 10 out 10 in every aspect of training and experience they have to teach you. Not just a 10 out of 10 for the training but their products as well. I’ve been using their products since day 1 and will never leave the Detail King line up. Once you come to Detail King for training and products you’ll never go anywhere else.  I thank everyone who has set me up for success this past weekend and the future !

I attended the Detail King Craftsman Class August 2014.

Alex Peery

The three day Detail King Craftsman auto detailing training seminar was an extremely informative and valuable use of time and money. I have no doubt that I will be able to add in many of the auto reconditioning  services that I learned while attending the class. Thanks to Nick and his entire team for providing such a wonderful seminar!

Tom Hess

I want to thank Nick and entire group at Detail King for the outstanding auto detailing training and information I received during the 3 day Craftsman seminar I attended this past weekend. The detailing classes were very informative and the instructors were great. The time spent there was well worth it. The detailing products that they have are fantastic and better than anything I’ve used in the past and look forward to a long relationship with Detail King. I graduated from the July 2014 Craftsman Class

Reece Pekarek

I thought that I had a pretty good grip on how to properly detail cars and was worried that taking an auto detailing course would result in a lot of repeat material and waste of my time. Wow, was I wrong. With the knowledge provided in the Detail King auto detailing training course I can now provide customers with a cleaner car and it takes me less time! Detail King’s technician class is an excellent investment for any auto detailer who is serious about being a step above of their competition. I attended the June 2014 technician class at Detail King.

Luke Meyer

I attended the Detail King technician class because I wanted to provide my customers with a better and professional auto detailing service, Nick and his training staff helped out by teaching me new ways to use certain detailing products and showing the proper ways to use them. I used to take two days+ to detail a vehicle, now I have cut it down to about an 8 hour job and working on cutting that in half too! I also have had my fathers help and support as he attended the auto detailing course with me. I highly recommend this course for anyone who is looking to either brush up on their skills or trying to start an auto detailing business.

Jeff Ammons

I want to thank Nick and his Detail King staff for the excellent job in helping me understand the startup of my auto detailing business. I found the techniques I learned will help with the business and the auto end of my business. There were quite a few detailing products to get to know but they are all excellent, the ones I had used. I am looking forward to using my new skills and taking my business to the next level. Jeff Ammons. I attended Spring of 2014!

Joe Losee

Detail King really helped me to understand the process of paint correction which will benefit my auto detailing business greatly. The trainers are very knowledgeable and the Detail King’s auto detailing products are great. I definitely recommend the Detail King seminar to anyone interested in starting or improving their auto detailing business. I graduated from the course last weekend – June 22nd, 2014.

Joe Moore

The Detail King Auto Detailing Training Seminar exceeded my expectations by far. The staff is incredibly knowledgable in the auto detailing industry and can train anyone with an interest in detailing to be successful with their endeavors. I came to this course with a business already started thinking I knew most of the business side of things as well as the majority of detailing skills. After taking the course, I realized there were things in my business I needed to pivot on and start implementing what Detail King taught me.

There were also some things with detailing I was unsure of, and the staff at Detail King was extremely helpful with providing me the information I needed and showing me proper techniques to detail in a timely, cost effective manor. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in becoming a detailer. I have never seen such a strong staff who work well together and share the same vision as the staff at Detail King. They genuinely care about the students and are there to help YOU get better and become successful. Just a knowledgeable, professional, and impactful staff. Again, I highly recommend Detail King.

I attended the June 2014 Technician Seminar and then stayed an extra day for auto reconditioning training.

Matt Meyer

The Detail King auto detailing training seminar was very informative, by attending we are sure that our productivity will now double! The trainers were very knowledgeable and took time to answer all questions . I would recommend this seminar to anybody wanting to advance in auto detailing. There were so many ideas and ways to advertise too. The people there were all very friendly and willing to share their secrets and knowledge .

Now we have tools to help save on detailing product waist, the way that we were using the product was very wasteful. We hope to advance our work and attend another seminar in the future, thanks Detail King! Me and my son Luke attended the June 2014 Technician Training Class.

Steven Button

The information I received while at Detail King auto detailing school was amazing! Everything was very well explained. I thought I knew what I was doing in my detail shop was correct but I now know how to do everything properly and faster thanks guys you are awesome. I just got back from the June, 2014 two day training class at Detail King’s auto detailing training school in Pittsburgh.

John Williams

I had no prior experience detailing vehicles before attending the training at Detail King. I watched videos and read about how to detail on various websites but I needed to observe and see the techniques being performed. I was pleased with the auto detailing training and expertise I observed during the training at Detail King. The quality of the employees conducting the training was excellent and all of them were very helpful with answering my questions. I definitely came away with the knowledge and confidence that I can be successful in the auto detailing business in the future. I came to the June 2014 Technician Class.

Jonathan Rivas

I want to thank everyone at Detail King, they did an awesome job at the detailing seminar this weekend. I came there to learn more about the business aspect of the auto detailing industry and I got it. Also to learn more about the new detailing products that are out there the detailing equipment, tools and so forth.

The DK team is very knowledgeable, they answered all my questions and helped me choose products that fitted my needs. This auto detailing seminar gave me the confidence to go out there and win! I recommend the Detail King seminar to anyone that is thinking about starting an auto detailing business; fixed location or mobile. I was enrolled in the June 2014 two day class.

Jeremy Jenkins

Nick Vacco, Detail King’s founder and CEO was very professional with the classroom “business side” presentation on day 1  and Bill, VP of Sales with explaining the different types of products that Detail King offers. The detail Instructors were very professional also with showing us different ways to Detail cars for exterior and interior. I Learned a couple new things over the past weekend that I will further use in my detail business. I attended the June 2014 Detail King Technician program.

Jay Dunn

My experience at Detail King’s detailing seminar, I  worked with high level employees and various detailing supplies and equipment. The detailing training instructors were very knowledgeable and experienced. I have been using the Detail King products for over 3 months now, and needless to say, they are great. Of the three days I was at the seminar I never had a question and I was never bored. All my questions had been already explained by the instructors. The instructors were very friendly and made me laugh at times. I would not trade this experience and this training, it will take me far ahead of my competition. Thanks, Detail King! -Jay (I attended the June Craftsman Seminar)

Nick Soares

A “How To Start A Car Detailing Business” book I read recommended Detail King as a good group-based auto detailing training program. The author was correct; I was very pleased and impressed with the entire program. Nick’s has a genuine desire for all of us to profit from his vast experience in the auto detailing business. Nick and Paul gave me the easy to understand business education I never found in college. Moving forward Detail King has given me what I need to start my auto detailing business. Kudos to Nick and his staff. I attended Detail King’s training program Spring 2014.

Rafael Hernandez

After participating at the Detail King auto detailing training seminar I came to realize how many mistakes I made while detailing automobiles. I have been detailing for about a year and a half and thought I had it down. The Detail King seminar for automobile detailing is a thorough, step by step course, that will help you become a “detailing artist.”  The instructors are extremely experienced and are easy to follow when guiding you through the processes. I recommend to anyone that would be interested in the detailing business to participate in the Auto Detailing Training program offered by Detail King. Thanks to Nick and the guys, today I can really consider myself a true detailer. Rafael Hernandez, I attended the Detail King Craftsman Seminar June of 2014.

Javier Morgades

Where to start? Nick and his Detail King staff were awesome. I have been using Detail King’s product for awhile now and decided to invest in the class. The detailing training class taught me everything I needed to know from starting a business to utilizing the products the proper way. Many thanks to the staff and Nick; you run the perfect business and, more importantly, you taught me something I will never forget. I attended the June Craftsman Class 2014.