Detail King Student Testimonials

Zach Carmichael

I have been a Detail King customer for about 3 years now and I have watched this company continue to grow and completely exceed any expectations anyone could imagine. Nick and his staff are not just people on the other end of the phone when I place orders; they are people who truly care about the success of my company. Detail King has been there for every question I have had while growing my business.

Furthermore, the Detail King Craftsman Seminar is perfect for anyone considering opening an auto detailing business or for an industry veteran. I promise that you will leave their facility motivated, more educated, and totally prepared to run an efficient and promising business. Detail King’s class does more than teach you about the detailing business, it provides you with the intangible and invaluable skills needed to distinguish your company above competitors.

I cannot put into words how grateful I am to Nick and the Detail King staff. Trust me on this, Detail King is in a league of their own when it comes to training and supplying detailers with the skills, products, and equipment needed to run a business. I attended Detail King training in 2014 and 2011.

Chris Shah

The Detail King auto detailing training program was great! A very organized and very informative. A must-take class for anyone who is serious about starting or growing an auto detailing business. I graduated from the June 2014 Craftsman Class.


Nick and his Detail King training crew are truly the best of the best. I highly recommend taking the three day craftsman class if you want to learn how to start any size car detailing business and how to be successful with it. They really care that you succeed in your goals. Not only was this class informative, but it’s truly inspiring. They give you that extra push, the extra drive to improve your life and make a success out of yourself.

If you have a passion for cars and want to do something in the auto industry, this is it and these are the guys to see. Get up and do it. You’ll be so happy that you did and you’ll feel like a new person when you come back. This class will pay for itself, even if all you take from it is how to properly do the craft. Can’t thank you enough Nick, Paul and DK crew. I attended the June 2014 Craftsman Class in Pittsburgh, PA.

Brian Howe

Nick and his Detail King training staff are highly knowledgeable when it comes to the proper methods and procedures of the cleaning and detailing of exteriors and interiors of vehicles. And for those of you who want to take your craft to the next step, I highly recommend taking the three day Detail King seminar where they’ll teach you setup and marketing strategies of owning and operating your own detailing business.

Thank you Nick and staff for sharing your wealth of knowledge on the auto detailing industry and for all you future auto detailing entrepreneurs you need to look at it this way, every car, truck, minivan and suv you see on the road is a potential client.That could potentially mean a lot of $ in your pocket! Thank you. (I attended the June 2014 Craftsman Class)

Timothy Hennessy

The Detail King training is a very organized and professional seminar, it provides a great platform in which to build your own small business. The classroom training is targeted at beginning your own auto detailing business and the steps required to run it successfully. If you are thinking about starting your own auto detailing shop I would recommend letting the Detail King team show you how to do it right!

Brandon Jordan

When I enrolled for the Detail King 2 day auto detailing training seminar, I was unsure of what I wanted to do with automotive detailing. During the seminar I learned what it takes to run an auto detail business and I was shown many tips, tricks and products to make detailing more effecient and effective. Not only was the seminar great, but the guys at DK are #1 in customer service. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else but Detail King! I attended the May 2014 Training Class.

Patrick Hennessy

After spending the last year researching the auto detailing industry and learning everything I could, I came across Detail King. The knowledge and some experience I had but needed to learn from someone who was well versed in auto detailing. My brothers and I made the six hour trip hoping it would be worth it. From the moment we stepped in the door it was nothing less than professional! Structured and informative, with meals, was our first day. We left with our minds filled with new ideas and feeling more confident about our business.

Day two was all hands on auto detailing training with friendly trainers and more learning. On our way back home Sunday night we couldn’t stop talking about how perfect the training course was and what a deal we got. If you are on the cusp… do it! Nick, Paul, Bill, Eric, Josh, Jason and all the others are true professionals and gentlemen. Thank you guys, Patrick Hennessy. I attended the May 2014 Technician Seminar.

Sharon Divens

The Detail King Auto Detailing Training class gave me the confidence and knowledge I needed to become even more dedicated about the growth of Prominent Status Mobile Detailing. The market here in South Florida is saturated with competition, however, the training and ideas the Detail King staff gave me will put me above the rest. I left with an understanding that I can pretty much detail any car to make it look its best with the proper technique and knowledge. I appreciate the staff and their expertise so much. I attended the May 2014 Technician Program.


The Detail King auto detailing training was a very informative class. The staff was very knowledgeable. The detailing classes provided information that one would probably not think of when starting a business. I was impressed with the quality of the products and will purchase detailing products from Detail King in the future. Again, I cannot express how helpful, and courteous Nick and his staff were at the 2 day auto detailing training class. I look forward to attending the Craftsman Seminar in the near future. May 2014 Graduate.

Bret Curry

The two day auto detailing training seminar that Detail King presents was as good as it gets. On day one you learn the ins and outs of the business, how to sell your product, who to sell it to and what detailing equipment you will need to get your business off the ground. It’s all encompassing and eye opening. Industry leading teachers and speakers sets it apart from your average “learn how to” course.

The second day was all hands on detailing training. Learn by doing on real vehicles with real products with real trainers and detail business owners themselves. There is no better way to learn than by doing. The real testimony of the program is how many former students and employee’s return to help teach new detailers the hands on business. What works for them, how they complete the detail and so on. First hand knowledge and real world experience is awesome. I would recommend this course to anyone that is interested in detailing whether that be for personal or professional use. Had a great time other than forgetting my binder and all my notes in the wash bay. I attended the May 2014 Technician Class.

Artur Turaj

I want to thank Detail King for taking the time to help me with all my questions. The auto detailing training class is definitely worth the effort, time and cost to get there. Everyone was super friendly and willing to help with any questions. I will recommend this training to anyone who wants to learn auto detailing from zero or sharpen their skills when it comes to auto detailing! April 2014 Craftsman Seminar graduate!

Anthony Peterson

I really love the Detail King auto detailing training classes, hands on training , I learned a lot about product and different machine tools, this is a must have program, Detail King staff was great also. Can’t wait to be a part of the team! Thanks again DK. I attended the April 2014 Technician Auto Detailing Training program at Detail King!

April Goodwin

I would like to take a moment to thank Nick and the staff at Detail King. I attended the April 2014 Auto Detailing training seminar with a friend to learn as much as we could to open our own auto detailing  business. We came home with so much more! Changing lives is what you do and we can’t thank you enough for the support, knowledge and all the extra time you spent we us. I would highly recommend Detail King!

Christa Heitkamp

I came to the Detail King training school in April 2014, after a friend and I decided to go into business together detailing cars. Since neither of us had experience, we were hoping to learn all we could about auto detailing. We were not let down. It was definetely worth every penny we spent. We came away with so much information, ideas, and supplies that made us confident that we could succeed in our business. Thank you to all at Detail King for going above and beyond, also for taking the extra time to sit with us and help get the auto detailing supplies we would need to go back home and get our business underway. I would highly recommend this training seminar to anyone interested in auto detailing!

Pacifico Manlutac

Dear Nick, and the rest of the Detail King staff I would like to thank you guys for teaching me all the techniques about how to detail a car and run an auto detailing business. I learned so much at the two day auto detailing seminar April 2014. For example; doing exterior polishing techniques,  wet sanding, prepping, cleaning and dressing the engine. I will recommend this detailing seminar to anybody. Thanks again! I’m looking forward to doing business with you guys soon.

Troy Shaw

I recently attended the two day technician auto detailing training class April 2014 at the Detail King and was blown away by the class. Nick and his entire staff did an incredible job explaining to us the complete process of auto detailing from A-Z. At first, I questioned whether or not the cost of the travel and the class fee was really worth the investment. The truth is…it’s worth twice the amount. I returned home with a knowledge base that will greatly enhance my ability to earn. Detail King did not give me just good ideas, they gave me the ideas and the tools to make it work! My business model has gone to another level since completing this auto detailing course. I would recommend this class for anyone interested in a better more cost efficient way to do auto detailing.

Gary Lewis

I thought the Detail King auto detailing training classes where very informative and I learned a lot about the business side of the detailing business. The hands on classes really cleared up a lot of the questions I had about compounding and polishing techniques. The procedures on how to properly detail a car should cut my detail times down considerably . Thank you to all the speakers and trainers who took the time to teach us. I recently attended the April 2 day training class. Gary.

Charles Rice, Jr

I found the Detail King auto detailing training seminar (April 2014) to be very much educational and informative. The Instructors were more than happy to give the knowledge and advice to contribute to the seminar. The on-job training was also an asset to learn more about the auto detailing business. The Detail King Instructors allowed us to participate to get the experience we needed to get a of feel of what the job entailed. The Instructors were friendly, outgoing, and had easy going personalities. All the Detail King Staff were all great.

Terrell Mantez

First, I would like to thank Nick and the Detail King team. I think the April 2014 technician auto detailing seminar was very informative and the hands-on experience class was very professional. Changing Lives, is what you do….. To give every individual who has the faith and heart to step out into the world with a tool to become an entrepreneur / business owner…. But most importantly, giving everybody the opportunity to become a successful business man and to take care of their families. Very skilled, knowledgeable of the craft. Very professional, and I would recommend anybody who is interested in becoming the best at what they do … This is the place to come – Detail King! Keep up the good work team. Excellent job Nick with putting together a great team of experts, to relay your vision into us. 1Love/Terrell

Check out this video below Terrell is the star!


Aaron Clark

Id have to extremely recommend the auto detailing training class at Detail King. The staff there is amazing and very knowledgeable. These guys know their stuff! I attended the April 2014 two day technician class for $299 and it was worth every penny. After graduating I honestly felt like I should have paid them more. Day one speakers were awesome. Nick, Billy and Paul are great people honestly looking to change your life for the better. Overall my favorite speaker was Paul and I suggest anyone who attends to really take in to heart what he teaches you. So to all the people at Detail King I am very grateful, you offer such an amazing and life changing class. You have honestly have changed my life in 2 days thank you.