We Change Lives Contest Winners

The Detail King Team would like to first start off by thanking everyone who took their time to enter our contest and telling their story how We Changed their Lives. We loved reading each and every one of your entries and were thrilled to see all of the positive reviews. After much deliberation, our Independent Judge; Michael Berman, has selected the lucky grand prize winner who will receive the Detail King We Change Lives Neon Clock!

We’ve also selected three Runner ups who will receive a $50 Detail King E-Gift Card, and eight Honorable Mentions that will receive a Certificate of Recognition from Detail King. Many of your submissions were very compelling which made it challenging to decide on our finalists. Thank you all for entering, be on the lookout for our next contest coming SOON!
Our Grand Prize Winner

Our Grand Prize Winner of the Detail King Neon Clock is…

Eric Sadler – “I learned the basics of detailing cars while I was living in a homeless shelter. Years later a man took a chance on me to work for him as a detail guy in his company. He sent me to detail king because he saw potential in me and wanted me to learn from the best. Because of the knowledge I’ve gained from Detail King I now have a great job, a new car and a solid place to live which allows me to be the dad my kids were missing. I am now working with some people to open a second chance detail shop. We are going to provide men and women who are homeless like I was with a chance at a new and better life. It is all because of Detail King that I am able to do what I am doing today.” Watch Eric’s video after he received his We Change Lives Clock.

Our 3 Runner Ups who will receive a $50 Detail King e-Gift Card Coupon Code…

Haylee Hunter – “Detail king changed my life by giving me a purpose, detail king encouraged me to get my G.E.D. and focus on becoming a good detailer, they don’t judge how you look, your skin color, the way to talk, they are the people who try to lift other people up & give them a sense of direction, and they are always there ready to cheer you on. Watching the crew members strive for perfection makes me want to work just as hard.”

Tyler Lofdahl – “My story is a long one but I will try and tell the shortened version. About 9 years ago, while working at a dealership gig, I was involved in a motorcycle accident where I ended up going under a semi and was ran over across my lower back. Needless to say, I was quite busted up. Among the long list of injuries was a traumatic brain injury, and many broken bones including my vertebrae, hips, leg in a few spots, and my pelvis was in 4 pieces. After many years of spinal surgeries and therapy, I began to run out of any money that I had saved. Now I was 25 years old, had a house, a great job, a daughter, and many responsibilities that most my age hadn’t yet accomplished and my legs were literally taken out from under me. Leaving me unable to provide for my child and to keep the roof over her head

After I had sold just about everything I owned but my house, and a considerable amount of praying, I was lead to start detailing again. I didn’t even think my body would let me do ONE vehicle again but lone behold it started snowballing into what we have now; a self-sustaining source of income that has opened SO many doors for me and my family. Considering I started with The Claw, a Rupes buffer, and a Mytee Lite II, I am often in awe of what all has transpired in the recent years.

Now I have a beautiful wife, a handsome little son, a successful and reputable business, and a killer garage that YOU have given me the means to finish. With CASH! I went from almost literally nothing left to being my own boss and trying to balance the building of my empire with operating it at the same time. A good problem to have again considering where I was a short time ago. I am a firm believer in the ripple effect and the ripples that Detail King is responsible for sending out have a very great possibility of turning into tidal waves if a person stays focused and determined to stay on top in the detailing world.

There are a million and one things that have come into my life solely based on products and tips that Detail King so openly put out there for all to use. I don’t even honestly care if I win the means to purchase the next tool through this contest or not (the Tornador is next on my list) but I wanted to use this as another opportunity to personally thank you from the bottom of my heart for the resources that you have so professionally provided for us little guys to do things like make a life for our families in an industry where you either have the right stuff or you fail.

Thanks again and keep pushing to lead by example! Y’all are great! Feel free to check out some of what your products are capable of at www.facebook.com/detailz and let me know if you would like to know more! This has been an incredible journey and Detail King has totally given me the ammunition to fight my way to the top! Thanks so much for all that you do!”

Larry Smith – “After getting hurt at work and not being able to do the job I have been doing for 30 years I had the idea to start a mobile detailing business. I ran in circles trying to learn how to properly detail vehicles (watched a lot if YouTube) and run a successful business. I came across Detail King on the web and seen their Craftsman class and decided to go. The first day of the training covered 90% of everything I was doing wrong. I took 100% of the teachings back to Wyoming and started over.

Once I changed my business and did what Nick and the rest of the guys at DK taught me my business started booming. 2 months after the class I opened my first location so now I’m mobile and have a fixed location with 2 employees. After 4 months of Detail King Craftsman class I am getting ready to put 2 more vans on the road for spring so now I have 3 vans and a location. Our projected outlook for 2018 is 3 vans and before winter 2018 we will have 2 locations. With about a 20k income per month by 2019. We are not building a detail company now; we are building a brand.

None of this could have been accomplished without taking the Craftsman class. We out shine all the competition and will be state wide in 5 years. After I lost everything when I got hurt I didn’t think I’d ever have a career I loved as much as I did mine for 30 years. Thanks to DK I am working again and I am successful at it. If you take nothing from this story take the Craftsman class you will not regret it, that is if you take all they teach you and USE IT. Thanks Nick and the rest of the crew at DK you definitely Changed My Life!!”

Our Honorable Mentions receiving the Certificate of Recognition are…

Paul Swikey – “It was a bad time in my life. Started a whole new career I knew little about. Took the last little bit of money I had and invested in a future of detailing. Thanks to the support of Bill from Detail King he helped me get the most for my money and knowledge of each product and tools. I ended up building a strong business and made some amazing friends. As a single father taking this risk was a lot, but you guys at Detail King really made it happen. THANK YOU!”

Chris Hall – “First off I would like to say thank you Detail King for being available to anyone that has a dream of becoming their own boss or bettering their business. In 2013 I lost my job of over 13 years I just moved into a new house and purchased a new SUV and had no idea how I was going to support my family. I always had an interest in detailing and wanted to start doing on the side of my normal job but I never had the time. One night I was surfing the web for a new job and I stumbled on to the Detail Kings website about starting a detailing business and the profit potential.

It’s now 2018 and I have been running my full time detailing business Nu Image Detail llc going on 5 years now all because of that one article I stumbled across at 3 am. Thanks Detail King for doing what you do all anyone needs is drive, determination and the right information to make a dream come true.”

Roman Brzozowski – “Detail King changes my life all the time, from the beginning of my business over a decade ago I’ve been ordering product from this company and the support and education is unbelievable. I have since become an Authorized Licensee and have taken training classes at the Detail King headquarters, I also attend all of the Authorized Licensees Conferences, and also continue to learn by being in the Detail King Facebook Groups.

I can call either my Detail King rep Bill Bruno or even the owner of Detail King Nick Vacco pretty much anytime I have any questions and they will help me out in any way they can. I feel like I am part of the Detail King family. I would encourage anyone who is serious about being in the detailing business to take full advantage of what Detail King has to offer!”

Jason Papadoplos – “I started my detail business back in 2010. I used products from various companies as I got my start. I found Detail King and slowly started to use your products. When my wife was furloughed from work in 2015, I needed to step things up with my business to ensure we were financially sound. A 3 year old son with a daughter on the way was plenty of motivation! I expanded my advertising and spread my business information around the area. With this, I needed to find the right products at the right prices. Detail King fit the bill. Everything from customer service, fast shipping, fair prices, and extremely dependable products helped me step up my detail game and make a huge mark on auto detailing business in my area. For this, I am thankful.”

Dario Duran – “We have been in the auto detailing industry for over 5 years, but we found Detail king 2 years ago and we decided to take the seminar that they offer. At first wasn’t too sure about it because we thought we already knew everything about the business but once there and meeting their staff was a great experience and talking to Nick Vacco about how they started their business I knew this was the type of business that you want to work with.

During the 3 day Seminar we learned different methods to make your job easier and being more profitable, and on Day 1 we learned even more about how to run it and what markets you want to target so for the last 2 years we been getting contracts with major insurance company’s and we have cleaned more than 25,000 cars in 2 years and we have a strong relationship with those companies thanks to all the training that was provided by DK, so if you’re in the auto detailing industry or planning to start your own business, this will be the 1st place that you want to start with, they changed the way we were doing business and we continue to grow by adding more crews to our team, They Change Lives!!!!”

Cody Koenig – “Where to begin with how Detail King has changed my life?  Detail King has really brought a higher level of professionalism out of me.  I was part of the December 2016 Craftsman Certification Class and I learned so much from the class that they have offered to detailers around the world.  Also while there, I networked with other detailers from around the United States.  I have kept in close contact with a handful of them and it is wonderful sharing knowledge and experience with the people I have met. 

Detail King doesn’t just change your life, it also changes the lives around you.  After my seminar classes were complete from Detail King I got into a local car club and made so many new friends.  It’s not always about building clientele.  It’s also about building long lasting relationships and becoming friends.  One of the guys I met through the car club took his life a few months after I had met and started becoming close with.  I got in touch with his family and donated money to them to help start a scholarship program.  It has given my life a new look on how you can help others and the community you live in.

Then in the last month I decided to take a leap of faith and join a fellow classmate (Greg Linacre) from the Detail King seminars and move from Ohio to South Carolina to help build his empire at On-Site Detailing.  We have kept close since the class and back in September, we did a couple ceramic coatings together. He offered me a job afterwards and now we are well on our way to crushing it in the detailing industry.  We just spent some time in Orlando at the Mobile Tech Expo where Greg won 2017 Mobile Detailer of the Year Award.  I am honored to be working underneath one of the best detailers in the world and hope to elevate his business to bigger and better horizons.  Detail King has forever changed the direction of my life and it can benefit so many others.  So thank you for the life that you have pushed me towards Detail King!  It is very much appreciated!”

Roger Kinney – “I attended the Craftsman Seminar at Detail King in July of 2014. I have been around muscle cars and street rods my entire life. I grew up an Army brat and found the two things most people enjoy are a clean car and a nice garden. I began tilling gardens and washing/detailing cars for money from a very early age. I quickly learned I enjoyed the latter more!

I relocated from Central Pennsylvania to West Palm Beach, Florida in 2013. Automotive detailing is a year-round service needed here due to the great weather. After about six months of living here, I saw the need for a quality mobile detailing service. There were already many guys doing it, but very few doing it correctly.

At that point I went online and found Detail King. I needed some guidance on the business end for the start up. Nick Vacco and his staff from day one were incredible! When I came to the school I was not looking to change my chemicals I was using, but that quickly changed once I tried their products! These products are AMAZING!!! My hands down favorites are Blue Diamond and STS 3000. I returned two months after graduation to film a three minute pop up video for my website. It was both exhausting and fun, and turned out great! The doors that Detail King has opened for me are too numerous to mention.

I have enjoyed great success in the world of Professional Automotive Detailing thanks to the guidance of Nick Vacco and his staff at Detail King! Their products are the cornerstone to my success! In closing, I would like to thank everyone at Detail King and encourage anyone thinking of attending classes here to do so! I was the best decision I ever made! Yours Truly, Roger W. Kinney Owner/Operator of Cobra Custom Detailing West Palm Beach Fl.”

Wilson La Torre – “Detail King changed my life by… converting my passion that is working on cars into a real business, teaching the proper way how to use the right cleaners and product in every situation to provide a good quality service to people. Learning from how to manage my business to how to give a top quality services to customers.”