Detail King Interior Products Guide

Task Products Tools Tools
Clean Headliner Extractor Soap
Magic Cleaner
Hydra Sponge or Tornador w/ Interior Super Soap
Clean Vinyl / Detail Crevices Pink Power Interior Microfiber / Various Brushes or Tornador w/ Interior Super Soap
Pre Spot Carpets / Mats Hot Shot Stain Remover Turk Towel or Proper Brush
Scrub Door Panels / Consoles Pink Power 85-611 Brush or Tornador w/ Interior Super Soap
Scrub Heavily Soiled Carpets / Mats Carpet Shampoo or Magic Cleaner 85-623 Brush or 85-669 Brush or Cyclo Scrubber w/ White Brushes
Prep Upholstery or Scrub Leather Seats
Extractor Soap
Lexol Cleaner
Lightly Brush In With 85-611
85-590 Brush or 85-608 Brush
or Vapamore MR-100 Primo Vapor Steamer
Extract Upholstery / Carpets Extractor Soap Mytee Heated Interior Extractor or Durrmaid Mini Heated Extractor
Dress Vinyl Pearl Gloss Dressing Applicator
Condition Leather Lexol Conditioner or Leather Magic Dressing Applicator Dressing Applicator
Dress AC Vents & Trim Instant Spray Shine 85-802 Brush and Sponge On A Stick
Dress Weather Stripping Super Blue Rubber Dressing Dressing Applicator or Shop Towel
Polish Touch Jambs Final Touch Ultra Wax Applicator and Micro fiber Polishing Towel
Clean Gauges & Chrome
Ready To Use Cleaner (RTU)
Streak Free Glass Cleaner
Microfiber Window Towels or Huck Towel
Clean Windows & Mirrors
Ready To Use Cleaner (RTU)
Streak Free Glass Cleaner
Huck Towel or Microfiber Window Towels
Apply Car Scent Various Car Scents Available Dispense a Few Ounces Under Seat
Protect Clean and Damp Carpet / Upholstery Apply items when necessary Paper Floor Mats Placement Plastic Seat Cover Placement

Disclaimer: This procedure has been prepared as an example and should be used to create your own Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). All vehicles are different and may require additional steps to formulate a complete process for that vehicle. It is your responsibility to develop procedures that work for your organization. Creating best practices manual for all of your business requirements is a good idea.