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Google Tools For Your Auto Detailing Business

No question about it. When you hear the term “search engine,” your first thought probably goes to Google, which remains the prominent “go-to” search engine for many Internet users. But what you might not know about is the other tools and services available through Google.

And if you’re looking into successful marketing platforms for your auto-detail business, it’s important to become knowledgeable about these various tools in order to improve and become more proficient at inbound marketing.

google tools for your detailing businessTraditional marketing activities have been placed on the back burner for many businesses that once used them, having been found to be stale and ineffective ways of reaching most prospects and consumers. Inbound marketing is a means of attracting people who are actively searching for your auto-detailing products and services online. That means it’s up to you to utilize the various social media channels and take advantage of inbound marketing.

Rare is the consumer today who doesn’t take advantage of search engines, blogs and other social networks to find answers to their questions and to make purchasing decisions. And what Google offers in addition to a spiffy search engine, is a wide range of assets that provide marketers with social networking and content creation opportunities. These Google tools should help you become a better inbound marketer, meaning you are ultimately able to promote your detailing business better. Google tools including; Google Docs, Google Keyword Tool, Google Alerts, Google News and Google Reader. All are excellent online marketing tools that can enhance your marketing program. By integrating the benefits of these tools into your inbound marketing campaign, you take recognition of your business to a whole new level. Log on to Google and study up to figure out how these tools can help you.

And while you’re at it, you might as well set up a Google+ profile if you haven’t done so to date. Google+ is the search engine’s answer to Facebook. You might be thinking you need another social media channel to manage like you need a good case of malaria.  And while we feel your pain, you’re wrong in that assumption. Google+ brand pages are considered by many to be more feature-rich for marketers than Facebook fan pages. They also give you yet another opportunity to engage your customers with your auto-detailing business.

Your Google brand page will be integrated with Google search — and we shouldn’t have to tell you how much more powerful Google search is than searching for businesses on Facebook!

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