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Mobile Marketing and Your Car Detailing Business

Mobile phones are rapidly replacing home phones and they have turned many millions of users into multi-tasking professionals. Today’s smartphone users find themselves searching for a variety of information on these devices, ranging from news to restaurant information to sports and to shopping. When they are conducting a search, 89 percent of them are doing so with a degree of urgency.

They want and expect results now, and if your car-detailing business can’t give them information instantly, they’re going to phone your competition. That’s just how it is out there in this new concrete jungle.

mobile-marketing-for-auto-detailingMobile marketing is expanding at a remarkable rate and also has the most upside potential for your detailing business. So it only stands to reason that you actively participate in the digital age and start leveraging the mobile marketing. Now is the time to strike and separate your car detailing business from the competition by developing a marketing campaign to expand your brand to the smartphone users.

There are a number of mobile marketing methods that you can employ to advertise your auto-care product line and your car-detailing services to smartphone users. The most popular is sending SMS, or short messaging device (text messages). Other forms of mobile marketing include MMS (multimedia messaging service), in-game marketing and mobile web marketing.

Your business should also have a mobile web site that can be discovered easily when a search is conducted. That site should provide information in its simplest form and with the greatest speed to the searcher. If your current web site is difficult to view on a tiny smartphone screen, then hop to it and develop a mobile website that’s not cluttered with slow-loading graphics and tiny photos.

You might want to consider having a mobile app for your business. This personalized app can be a great complement to your main web site. If you want to see how well our Detail King App works, go to our home page at Detailking.com and you will see a QR code that you can quickly scan with your smartphone. Now you can have our app on your phone! To learn more about apps and SMS text-alert services, please visit our mobile advertising site at DetailDeals.com.

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