Polishing Products and DA Polisher Pad Selection Guide

Lake Country CCS Pads Lake Country Hybrid Pads Light Correction & Final Finishing Minor Paint Correction Medium Paint Correction Medium-Heavy Paint Correction Major Paint Correction Swirls and Micro Marring
Yellow Orange YES
Orange Blue YES
Pink White YES
Green Yellow N/A YES YES
Red Black YES
Core Polish Products
Diamond Cut Ultra YES
Diamond Cut YES
Blue Diamond Polish YES YES YES
Caliber Polish YES YES YES
Spyder Web Glaze
Cherry Wax or STS 3000 YES YES
Time-Saver Polish Products
One Step Prep II YES
Buff ‘N Bling YES YES

Paint Condition Explanation Key:

  • Light Correction/Final Finishing: Typically a car that is hand washed, rarely driven, kept covered up in garage.
  • Minor Paint Correction: Has very minor light swirls or car wash mitt scratches, paint is in great shape
  • Medium Paint Correction: Has lots of swirls, light water spots, very mild oxidation.
  • Medium-Heavy Paint Correction: Has swirls, light to medium scratches, medium oxidation & water spots.
  • Major Paint Correction: Deeper scratches, heavy swirls, heavy oxidation, acid rain & other contaminents

Disclaimer: This procedure has been prepared as an example and should be used to create your own Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). All vehicles are different and may require additional steps to formulate a complete process for that vehicle. It is your responsibility to develop procedures that work for your organization. Creating best practices manual for all of your business requirements is a good idea.