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Place Videos On Your Auto Detailing Business Web Site

You don’t need a make-up trailer, tons of camera gear and a megaphone to produce videos that demonstrate how your auto-detailing business works. It just doesn’t have to be that complex. Yet despite the powerful impact a selection of videos can have on your company’s marketing program, many detailers remain hesitant about taking advantage of this platform.

After all, you say, “I’m an auto detailer, not a Hollywood producer. What do I know about producing a tape? What tools should I use? How do I know what kind of video to make? How can I justify the cost?” It’s just not that difficult. If you own a digital camera or even have a phone with video capabilities, you’re halfway there.

Your smartphone probably has a video recording feature, and the camera itself can produce good quality short video clips. You can create several two- to three- minute video clips that simply illustrate what you actually do when you detail a car. You may end up with a half dozen short clips that can be uploaded to your own YouTube channel and even placed on your web site.

And here’s the thing. If you’re still uncertain about your filming abilities, hire a student from a nearby college or photography school. They’d be glad to have the opportunity to train — especially if there’s a few bucks in it for them, plus clips of the film for their resume or class project.

An arsenal of videos can be an effective asset for your auto detailing business, appealing to both visual and audio senses. A video can offer powerful, emotion-evoking content that individuals want to share with each other. Marketers use videos to generate traffic to their websites, build brand buzz and excitement, generate inbound links (which can help your SEO) and grow social media reach.

You can also make short videos with your digital camera or smart phone camera by taking still images. By using an online video slide-show service like Animoto, you can turn your still images into a customized video with captions and even a music background. Search engines are particularly fond of websites with video content on them. Plus your prospects and customers will view you as the expert in your field, leading to more booked appointments.

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