Detail King stocks the popular Rupes Polisher accessories and replacement parts. When it comes to deciding on making a polisher purchase keep these features in mind with regards to the Rupes Random Orbital Polisher:

Innovative Features: When performance and comfort are important considerations, Rupes BigFoot is the clear market leader and its impressive features benefit both the professional detailer and non-professional car enthusiast.

Comfort: Rupes very thoughtfully designed user comfort into the BigFoot by considering the following; ability to achieve superb results in just a single step reducing operator fatigue, lightweight and durable, low profile design allows the polisher to fit into tight spots, the BigFoot is so well balanced it can be controlled only with one hand!

The BigFoot Random Orbital Polishing System introduces a brand new paint correction approach, where unique design and technology guarantees professional results hand in hand with unmatched user comfort! possible. With the new RUPES BigFoot random orbital system the future will always “shine”!

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