Plastic Carpet Protector Mats For Cars

Our heavy duty plastic carpet protector mats for cars are 4 mil thick, are perforated every 2 feet and each plastic carpet protector is a 24″ x 21″ sheet. Each auto carpet protective film sheet has no holes so there is not any water leakage. These plastic carpet protector mats for autos protect the vehicle’s carpet from heavy foot traffic and are perfect to apply once the auto carpet has been dyed and dried.

These “Dealer Must Remove” plastic carpet protectors all have a high tact adhesive that will adhere well to automotive carpeting and will not slip under foot or disintegrate when wet. Our plastic carpet protectors are available in 200′ and 500′ lengths and are perfect for auto detail shops, used car dealerships and new car dealerships. Detail King also offers a Mat Dispenser and an Applicator for Plastic Carpet Protector Mats to make it easier when installing them.