Automotive Glass Repair Business Opportunity Kits

Our automotive glass repair business opportunity kits are second to non, with the included free training and all the tools necessary to succeed. There are many benefits to start a mobile automotive glass repair service or add car windshield repair to your existing auto detailing or reconditioning business. There is typically a low initial investment of supply and equipment and minimal monthly business operating overheads. There is a proven consumer demand with strong future growth potential too. The search term phrase “windshield repair” gets searched on Google almost 50,000 times per month! Car owners and car dealerships need this service. You can operate full- or part-time with the potential to earn $50 per hour or more. There are over 130 million registered cars and trucks in the United States, which means 130 million potential customers. There are no regulations and there is a quick business learning curve. This is a value priced automotive repair which means it’s an easy sell. Inexpensive and readily available tools that requires virtually no maintenance.

Our Glass Technologies entry level Spectrum windshield repair kit is perfect for the repair technician who wants to perform high quality profitable repairs but does not wish to utilize our 12-volt machine technology of our more advanced Maxim system. Only the highest quality components and precision machining go into each Spectrum system. Glass Technology’s Pre Resin Injection Suspension Method (PRISM) is built into every Spectrum glass repair system offering cutting edge windshield repair technology at a very affordable price.

Why use a Diamond BluWave curing system? Traditional curing methods use low intensity, low wattage florescent bulbs that produce a very weak ultraviolet output. Most if not all windshield repair resins require ultraviolet light to create the cross linking and cross hatching that allow UV polymer molecules to bond to the glass as well as each other. If a low output or low intensity light source is used, the results will be a slow curing process and the cross linking that produces stronger more cohesive adhesion properties will be adversely affected.