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Andrew Long – Kristi Did An Outstanding Job!

I am a high school auto instructor. We offer many services to the staff at our school, from maintenance and repairs to details. Our setup has been limited to some basic tools that made cars look nice, but left some to be desired. The decision was made to spring for an extractor kit from Detail King that was found on amazon. The day the order was made was a rough one between some squirly students and a terrible headache that set in. It was made worse when I realized I had the order sent to my home address. This is only a problem for reimbursement. It is always easier to buy stuff and submit for reimbursement than to wait for the district to go through the PO process.

One rule for reimbursement is the items must be sent to the school. I tried to cancel the order through amazon, but by the next business day it had been shipped off. I was connected with Kristi. She was able to call the shipper and reroute the packages to the school as well as send me an invoice with the school as the ship to address to ensure a smooth reimbursement process. Kristi did an outstanding job! The stuff got here so fast, its already making its mark… er… removing marks. The service was phenomenal! We will definitely consider Detail King  for any future needs! Thank you!