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Chad Cope – I Would Recommend Detail King To Anybody

I thought the Detail King auto detailing training class was a tremendous value which is why I checked into it and found that there were many other good and positive reviews. Then I called and enrolled and it wasn’t long before I was on my way to the first day’s business seminar. Upon arriving into the first day’s business seminar I was pleasantly greeted with the professionalism of the staff. The curriculum of the first day’s business seminar was very in-depth and many real-world experiences were given as testimony to the direction of the material in the seminar.

The second day Hands-On auto detailing training was almost therapeutic in the sense that we got to use detailing tools and techniques that would help speed up our own detailing jobs through refined procedure. The tools and techniques which were being instructed changed my understanding of detailing and the time frame it takes to do certain tasks. Ultimately time is money in the detailing business and I can see how now I can save time and still keep quality of work up.

I would recommend Detail King to anybody for any reason whether you are an amateur or starting your own car detailing business it covers a very broad spectrum of tools and techniques used in modern detailing methods. So thank you Detail King the experience was extremely well put together and you guys are my new go to guys in the detailing community. I graduated from the August 2016 Technician Class.