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Using a Facebook Fan Page To Grow Your Auto Detailing Business

Creating a Facebook fan page for your auto-detailing enterprise is such a no-brainer! In this age of social media, where nearly a billion souls on this planet participate in Facebook activities, it just stands to reason that you have to jump into the pool —no matter how distasteful that might appear to you.

Facebook is the third most-trafficked social media site on the globe and you can bet your orbital polisher that practically every one of your customers and potential clients have a Facebook account. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find a demographic that’s not represented on Facebook.

Bottom line is that your auto-detailing or auto-reconditioning business should have a Facebook fan page to interact with your customers. When you create your page, be sure you reserve your vanity URL after the name of your business. You need 25 fans to do that — an easy task when you approach family and friends.

The purpose of all this is to be found by people who are searching for your detailing services. A Facebook presence also enables you to connect and engage with potential prospects. You can also advertise your services on Facebook and you have the advantage of selecting the Zip codes of the fan pages where your ads appear

And while you’re at it, you should promote other content that you create, including videos, blog articles, before and after photos of vehicles you have recently detailed and other resources on your Facebook page. And now with Facebook and Skype teaming up to provide video chat through the Facebook channel, you have yet another channel to help brand your detailing business! Just link your Facebook fan page back to your web site and your web site to your Facebook fan page. Once you have your vanity URL with Facebook, you can print that URL on all of your collateral material to promote your business through your fan page.

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