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Using QR Codes To Promote Your Car Detailing Business

Quick Response (QR) codes may make it easier for potential clients to quickly gain access to and store information about your auto-detailing services that they can access — and absorb — at a later time at their leisure.

As a result, QR codes promote your detailing business by connecting your company literature to information on your web site or elsewhere. These codes are two-dimensional bar codes that store up to 7,089 characters of numeric , and up to 4,296 characters of alphanumeric code that provide an easy way to enhance your static marketing messages and content.

All your potential customer needs in order to take advantage of QR codes is a smartphone with a QR code reader installed so they can link to the content to which the QR code is synced. And with smartphone penetration above 50 percent of the U.S. market, the potential for getting the word out about your business using QR codes may only grow.

There are several ways to incorporate QR codes into the marketing program of your car detailing business in order to connect with prospects, current customers and the public. For instance, QR codes are an effective way to link offline marketing (business cards, service menus and flyers) to online information. They are also a useful way to supply additional content in unusual locations where content space is limited.

Among the other benefits of using a QR code are:

  • Your business can provide viewers with a special offer to a targeted promotion
  • You can generate as many QR codes as you need
  • Each QR code can connect to a specific web page, special detailing service offer, mobile car wash coupon or digital photo album of cars you have detailed
  • You can even link a QR code to a white paper (document) or image.

To get started, conduct a search online for QR code generators and see which service would best suit your businesses needs.

Check out a quick two-minute video that explains this process nicely:

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