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Using SlideShare For Your Auto Detailing Business

SlideShare offers users — including professional auto detailers who sign up for the service at SlideShare.net — the ability to upload and share publicly or privately PowerPoint presentations, MS Word documents, Adobe PDF Portfolios, Keynote presentations or OpenOffice presentations. Slide decks from the files can then be viewed on the site itself and embedded on other sites, like your auto detailing business website. In a sense, SlideShare is similar to YouTube, except it displays individual photos in a slide show presentation instead of videos.

Originally intended for businesses to share slides among their employees, the SlideShare web site has been expanded to host of a large number of slide presentations uploaded for their entertainment value. Users can upload, view, comment and share slideshows created with the above-mentioned presentation programs.

Turns out this innovative service also serves as a great tool for businesses, including those operated by car-detailing professionals who want to show off the work they’ve provided for past customers.

After uploading a presentation to SlideShare, a user receives HTML code, which allows the uploaded presentation to be embedded to a website or blog, or it can be shared with a customer or business associate. Slideshare.net draws an estimated 60 million unique visitors each month and has close to 16 million registered users. Your auto-detailing business can take advantage of SlideShare by visually illustrating your expertise by showing pictures of the cars you have detailed, videos of you performing services or slide shows of your auto-detailing shop or mobile auto-detailing rig.

If you need help leveraging SlideShare for your auto detailing business, contact us today by calling (888) 314-0847.

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