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Using Twitter As A Relationship Building Tool For Your Auto Detailing Business

Think of Twitter as a relationship-building tool for your auto-detailing business. Twitter enables you to interact with people with short messages. It can also be thought of as a “micro blogging” service, which means you can post short, 140-character updates about your business. By interacting with customers via Twitter, you’re keeping your business foremost in their minds — especially when it’s time for a car wash or detail on their vehicles.

The most obvious business use of Twitter is to meet potential customers and leads the same way you would at a networking event or tradeshow. Ask your customers if they are on Twitter and if so, ask them to follow your Twitter business account.

You can also use Twitter to develop and promote your brand, interact with your customer base, track what people are saying about your auto-renovation enterprise, create buzz around upcoming events and special offers and generate sales leads for your business. You can also use Twitter to promote new services, a new hire, new equipment and so much more!

Twitter helps you develop relationships with bloggers and journalists for potential public relations placement. Businesses today need a well-rounded mix of social medium marketing, and Twitter is much more than just a way to sound off. Use Twitter just as you would with your Facebook fan page. Develop a following and engage with them! The whole game plan is to keep your company high on their list as a choice vender.

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