Happy Bays Car Wash – Great Team

Thank You for quickly responding to emails addressing any issues. Great team. Thanks Nate for being an awesome CSR. You are Pleasure dealing with.

Keep up the good work.

Craig Kelly – Great Customer Service

Great customer service. My order was efficiently processed and sent out. I look forward to doing more business with Detail King!

Dave Graziano – Very Impressed

I recently made a purchase through Jason. He is very knowledgeable, patient, friendly and informative. Very impressed!!!


We drove up to Pittsburgh from Texas for a vacation so my car had gotten disgusting. After searching around trying to find a detailing service available at the last minute, I gave up and searched for a place to buy detailing supplies. We found these guys and drove up.

Upon walking in, we were greeted by genuinely good people who were happy to get us what we needed to clean up my gross car and make it presentable for a car show the next day. I could write a *very* long review about how professional this shop was, how incredible their products are, or how reasonably they’re priced. But this sums it up: I’ve been a Zaino fanboy for 10+ years, and have spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours detailing cars with those products. After that one visit and one detail with the Detail King products, I’m COMPLETELY sold and will be using them exclusively for all my detailing needs from now on.


Tug Bankert – They are professional and friendly

Detail King is a detailing supply business that I rely on to have what I need and when I order a product from them I have it in 2 days. They are professional and friendly.

The Car Buying Center – Bought a Mytee Lite a few years ago, excellent product

Bought a Mytee Lite a few years ago, excellent product. Opened up a new facility and needed a second one and so I purchased a second one. The second one upon arrival had an issue with the heating component. I left a poor review, management or the owner responded within 24 hours with an immediate response to get the issue corrected. In all fairness, I reached out with the issue early on, then simply did not want to have to deal with it and let a few months go by. I still have not used it on a car. But that is unfortunately my lack of putting forth the effort to get the issue resolved. I had to raise my rating to a 5 star, because I know the owner cares enough to “hawk” his reviews, which means a 1 star would keep him up sleepless at night as it does with me and my business. We’ll get this issue fixed, and very soon I will be buying a steamer from you guys as well.

Coley J – the results speak for itself

First time being here and it won’t be the last..I’m funny about any products on my car especially new ones. EVAN Is the reason I’m here today 😁😁 such outstanding customer service, patience and extensive knowledge to help me figure out what I needed for my car. I’ve always been a Meguiar’s fan for my products but the towels suck after a while. Evan showed me the best towel JUST ONE literally dried the whole car plus still had room to dry another part! Got the super blue tire dressing and gloss & shine…the results speak for itself!

Brittany – 5 Stars!

I took the 3 day class. I would not recommend taking the 3 day class as you can access everything talked about on day 1 on the Detail King website. You don’t get a chance to ask too many questions in the class. A lot of upselling and cross selling of Detail Kings products instead. Day 2 and 3 had lots of information and hands on activities but little to no guidance. Team members showed students the detailing process on very clean cars. It was hard to determine what products to use in real life situations. I was not impressed with the polishing portion of the class. It was mostly demonstration and no guidance on what to look for when polishing, how to properly hold or use the polisher, or why. It was more of “here are the polishers that DK offers, try it out”. I feel like the class is definitely not worth $1800. Maybe $1000 at best. I am interested in the ceramic coating class, but I don’t want to feel like I’m wasting money again. Nick and the staff are nice people. Good products! ***UPDATE*** After doing more research and consistently detailing interior I understand why the class is designed the way it is. You will need PRACTICE!!!! The product actually work so you will not be wasting your money. There are tons of ways to get to the result that is needed to satisfy the customer and do it the right way. I have mastered interior detailing and have started researching exterior. The things learned from the class is now coming to a full circle! I have also made phone calls to the customer support line and they have answered every question about products, training, info learned from the class, and even business questions. 5 Stars!

Jeffrey Brown – Great selection of products and a very helpful staff.

Great selection of products and a very helpful staff.

Kenny Brown – DK products are excellent for the professional detailer.

DK products are excellent for the professional detailer.

Elijah Latona – Thanks for helping me grow!

Took the 3 day Craftsman class. Flew in from Colorado and have been in business for 3 years. I wanted to take the class to not only gain more credibility and stand out from the competition but also gain confidence in knowing that I’m doing the right thing. I would consider this class to be maybe an entry level crash course to the detailing world but even still, did learn a tremendous amount and really, you get out of it what you put in – like most things in life. I felt that anytime I had a question I could ask it, if I wanted a more in depth explanation I got it. Nick really crams a lot of information into the business portion; and I realized I was doing somethings the wrong way. Jason and team did the hands on and I really appreciated those guys taking the time and demonstrating for us. Sure, you can find a lot of what they teach you on YouTube but you also find a lot of misinformation as well. Go in with the intentions of learning and not that you already know everything and you’ll be happy with your training. I enjoyed the staff and I do think I could reach out to them with more questions or guidance as my business continues to expand in the future. I really felt like they took an interest in my professional development, which says a lot about how they care about their students. Thanks for helping me grow! -J9’s Luxury Auto Detailing Colorado Springs- Dress to the 9’s!

Joe Smith – Love ordering my cleaning supplies from Detail King

Love ordering my cleaning supplies from Detail King. Product’s here are hard to beat. Tire cleaner is one of the best. Want to keep your ride clean…then order your supplies here and you’ll be ahead of the game.

Ralphie227 – Awesome in my words

I had the pleasure of having my 2021 F-250 Tremor ceramic coated by Detail King. The color of my truck is carbonized grey. When I went to pick the truck up I was in AAAWWW. The truck looked like a mirror. Awesome in my words. Jason was just a great guy to work with. Answered any question I had. Super people to work with. Thankyou for such an awesome job

Carlee Koutsoumbaris – Customer Service at this company is unmatched

I own my own Mobile Detailing business with my husband and we needed a new extractor as ours broke in the middle of a detail, and it needed to be here quickly. I ordered with overnight shipping assuming it was the fastest option, but realized I wasn’t sent any shipping info and if it was going to be here fast I should’ve gotten one after 12 hrs. I called Detail King in the morning expressing my concerns and they upgraded me at no additional charge to the quickest shipping, and got my extractor here by noon the next day (it actually arrived around 11:00). Customer service at this company is unmatched. I will order from here from now on. Thanks Detail King!

Jeff Lytle – Fast, efficient Customer Service

Fast, efficient customer service. Great products to accommodate weekend warriors to professionals.

Zane Dorminey – We Love Detail King

We love Detail King, we have purchased a Mytee Tempo 300s, an air mover, and replacement parts for an older model Mytee Lite II 8070. Each order was separate, each order arrived quickly! FYI replacement Mytee parts from the manufacturer have outrageous shipping costs, Detail King has none IF the order meets their requirements for free shipping. We will definitely be coming back to them in the future!

Matthew Carrozza – It Was Worth Every Penny

I’m pleased to say that I took the August 18-20th class in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Having worked on cars for nearly three decades, I cannot begin to express the amount of knowledge, education and hands-on experience that was received. From the educational class on products and the business side of detailing (or any business for that matter,) to the hands-on experience for both exterior and interior, it was worth every penny. All questions were answered, and ALL the educators took their time to go through every aspect of the industry, one step at a time. No questions were left un-answered. Working with their products during the class, gave me a better understanding of the art of detailing. It was also nice working with products that actually worked (and for those who do research- nice ingredients that are safe to use.) Happy to say that I’ll be returning for one of the clear-coating classes, sooner than later. Thank you DetailKing for the education.

Lewis Frogale – That’s What I Call Excellent Service

I am a new customer of Detail King and my first order with them went very well. I ordered quite a few items on a Tuesday and received my order the next day without over night delivery. That’s what I call excellent service. As I said this was my first order but it won’t be my last.

Tom Stallbaumer – Still Works Great

My buffer was purchased in 1985 and still works great. I was happy to find a replacement pad for it. Service was great and replacement pad fit perfectly.

Joe Boino – It Was Excellent

Attended a Jade Ceramic Coating certification class, it was EXCELLENT! Trainer was GREAT, I’ve used other ceramic coatings in the past. . .this class exposed me to the full line of Jade products. The classroom training was smooth and easy to follow and understand. Information was clearly presented. The hands on training was GREAT. The opportunity to gain experience with the Jade line was excellent. I’ve applied Jade ceramic on a client’s vehicle, and I have booked two additional clients, Jade Ceramic will be applied to both! . I’ve purchased a handful of Detail King products. . .ALL have worked as advertised/described. Keep doing what you’re doing!!!