Kit Price: $297.28
Individual Bottle Price: $14.95

Detail King Carpet Dye System II Automotive carpet dying is quick and easy to do with our professional carpet dye kit and can generate additional profits and make automotive carpets look like new! We offer an automotive carpet dye kit and individual carpet dye bottles with complete instructions on how to dye faded and badly stained auto carpets.

All dyes have been blended to meet the 17 most common automotive carpet colors used by auto manufacturers worldwide. There is no problem with overspray the dye will not stick to vinyl, leather or plastic.

Our new Detail King Carpet Dye System II features 17 8oz bottles of carpet dye concentrate. Each 8oz bottle makes 32 ounces of carpet dye. Just pour the contents into the provided 32oz spray bottle with water.

This system is so easy to use. All you do is spray the mixed dye directly on the carpet or mat and then scrub the dye in with the provided brush.

This dye is great for carpeting or carpeted mats that have lost their true color and needs rejuvenated or are too badly faded. Always clean the carpet first to remove soil and stains. Also, neutralize bleach stains with the provided Bleach Stain Neutralizer. We also include a 4oz bottle of stain remover.

So heres what you get: 17 bottles of 8oz carpet dye concentrates, 32oz spray bottle, scrub brush, stain remover, bleach neutralizer, and red stain remover.

Note: You should purchase the carpet color a shade darker of the same tone for best results. These dyes are NOT INTENDED to change the color of your carpet to a different color. So if your carpets are light gray consider medium gray etc. You can buy the same tone shade with nice results, too.

These dyes are great to Re-New your existing color with just a slightly darker tone. The slightly darker tone will blend in just fine and make your carpets look new again. You can dye most carpets and mats of averaged sized cars with about a 1/2 quart. To become a fan of our Detail King facebook fan page please Click Here.

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