Detail King has everything you need to take your detailing operation onto the water. We carry a complete line of boat detailing waxes, cleaners and products that are all Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable, and VOC Compliant, including our Premium Polymer Boat Sealant.

Boats can be a challenge to detail properly, and require an extensive arsenal of cleaners, tools and knowledge to accomplish any challenge the water throws at you. Unless the boat is brand new, there is a good chance the sun and water has faded & discolored the boat’s gel coat. Detailers need to properly oxidize, clean and protect the gel coat to protect it from the elements.

Check out our full guide to boat detailing.

Detail King’s boat detailing supplies & equipment includes ceramic coating products, polish, vinyl cleaner, fiberglass cleaner and more. Boats are constantly exposed to all kinds of elements: oppressive UV rays, water debris, storms, pollution, etc. Take your detailing game to the next level with boat and marine auto detailing.

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