Random Orbital Polisher Buffers

Not all paint finishes need a rotary buffer to correct paint imperfections. Random orbital polisher buffers like our Rupes Big Foot Mark III polishersFlex 3401 DA random orbital polisher, Porter Cable 7424 DA, Cyclo Model 5 Mark II Polisher and Gem polisher can perform minor to medium paint correction. Detail King has a huge selection of money saving polisher value kits that include an assortment of various buffing pads and polishing products.

Detail King features a huge selection of Lake Country and Rupes foam and microfiber polishing and buffing pads for your Rupes PolishersPorter Cable 7424 XP and Flex XC 3401VRG DA Random Orbital Polishers. If your detailing arsenal includes a Cyclo Polisher we have both single and double sided Cyclo buffing and polishing pads and accessories. Got dirty buffing pads? Easily clean and condition them with our Universal Pad Washing Machine and Pad Cleaning Solution.