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Mobile Car Wash Systems

Mobile Car Wash Systems



Here at Detail King, we’re known as the authority on all things that have to do with mobile auto detailing. We offer mobile car wash systems, skid mounted pressure washers, pressure washers and car wash business opportunities every single day of the year. Among the calls we get each day are those from people who purchase a pressure washer from one of the local hardware store outlets, brings it home and connects it to a water tank and it doesn’t do the job. What’s the problem? The answer lies in the fact that the store-bought pressure washer wasn’t designed to draw water from a “static source.” And by static source, we’re talking about the water tank.

At Detail King, our pressure washers are designed to be able to draw water from a standing tank (static source). Doesn’t matter a whit if the pressure washer is a 2,000-, 2,500- or 3,500-psi tank. It’s all about how the valves were designed in the pump. Check out our line of pressure washers. Most are equipped with soap injectors and are easily mounted to the floors of vans, pickup truck beds, and trailers. We also offer mobile detail trailers, water tanks and car wash soap for power washers and pressure washers.

  • 2030 PSI Electric Pressure Washer



    Combining power, performance and versatility, this Electric Pressure Washer For Car Detailing gets your dirty work done fast and efficiently. Our SPX3000 electric pressure washer tackles a variety of cleaning tasks from homes, buildings, RVs, cars, trucks, boats, decks, driveways, patios, lawn equipment and more. LEARN MORE

  • Eco Friendly Cold Water Low Pressure Washer System - 5 Gallon Battery Operated (DK Eco Wash Concentrate Gallon Included)



    Unlike our high pressure power washers this unique car wash and detailing equipment system uses low pressure water to clean vehicles and is also an alternative to reclaiming water. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) in states like California, Texas, Florida and areas of the country where large bodies of water exist want mobile detailers to be compliant by containing run-off wash water. This... LEARN MORE

  • Honda Commercial Pressure Washer On Wheels - Direct Drive Pump



    This Mobile Detailing Pressure Washer can be used to pull water from a static source (water tank). Although, because it is on wheels it would fit your needs best if connected to a hose where the water is being dispensed through a faucet. This unit comes with wheels and can be used at least 50' away from the faucet. It will work fine if connected to a water tank but you must keep the pressure washer... LEARN MORE

  • Pressure Washer For Auto Detailling w/Soap Injector (DK 2000)



    Our DK 2000 Auto Detailing Pressure Washer Model will hold up to day-to-day use and last much longer between servicing than a consumer grade unit. This gasoline unit is built strong with a Briggs and Stratton Engine, giving you the power to cut though grease, dirt, and grime. LEARN MORE

  • Auto Detailing Pressure Washer (DK 2000) w/Water Tank



    Our Mobile Detailing Pressure Washer With Tank and Soap Injector comes with a 90 gallon water tank, 6' connecting hose and nylon cargo straps to secure the tank. The hose can be easily cut to shorten it if so desired. LEARN MORE

  • Honda Mobile Wash System w/o Tank



    This Honda Trailer Mounted Pressure Washer can be mounted in the bed of pick-up trucks, inside cargo vans, and on trailer floors. Unit features a heavy-duty, compact black anodized frame for superior rust protection, a 5.5 HP Overhead valve Honda engine, 3 GPM 2000 psi pump, chemical soap injector, 100' capacity heavy duty locking hose reel with 50' of pressure hose, 36" spray wand with shut off gun.... LEARN MORE

  • Honda Mobile Wash System w/ Water Tank



    Our Honda Skid Mounted Pressure Washer comes standard with a 90 gallon water tank and can be easily mounted in the bed of a pick-up truck, van or mounted to a trailer floor. A heavy-duty, compact system that features a black anodized plate w/frame. LEARN MORE

  • Mobile Wash System Pressure Washer w/Generator



    Our Mobile Pressure Washer With Generator System for auto detailing features a unique space saving & innovative design that makes our pressure washer and a 4000 watt generator to a single engine. LEARN MORE

  • Mobile Wash System w/Generator & 90 Gallon Water Tank



    This Pressure Washer With Generator & Water Tank includes a 4,000W generator along with a 90 gallon water tank with stainless straps, nipple, and short hose to attach tank to pressure washer. All of this wrapped into a efficient compact design! LEARN MORE

  • Vacuum Filtration System



    Our Mobile Car Wash Water Recycling System will help protect the environment from car wash water runoff and comply with EPA and governmental storm drain regulations. Protecting the environment from wash water runoff and being compliant with EPA storm regulations is very simple, economical and effective with the Alkota Vacuum Filtration System (VFS). The VFS is designed to be used as a portable or stationary... LEARN MORE

  • Connecting Hose w/Clamps 6'



    This 6'- 3/8" commercial grade water tank hose is to be used to connect a water tank to the pressure washer. The length is 6' but can easily be shortened. One pair of worm gear clamps are included with this hose. There are no fittings on the ends. This hose is intended to fit over a 3/8" barbs and then be tightened to the barbs with the worm gear clamps LEARN MORE

  • Hose & Strap Kit w/Clamps For 100, 115, 150 Size Tanks



    This Water Tank Connection Kit is to be used for our DK2000 or our Mobile Wash System. You receive 1 pair of nylon adjustable straps, 2 worm gear clamps, and a 6' length of 5/8" commercial grade hose. Connect the hose from the power washer inlet to the tank. LEARN MORE

  • Hose & Strap Kit w/Clamps For 200 Gal Tanks



    This Water Tank Connector Kit is to be used for our DK2000 or our Mobile Wash System. You receive 1 pair of nylon adjustable straps, 2 worm gear clamps, and a 6' length of 5/8" commercial grade hose. Connect the hose from the power washer inlet to the tank. When ordering mention in the comments section the gallon size of the water tank you have so we ship the correct straps. LEARN MORE

  • General Pump Industrial Pump Oil



    Specifically formulated for use in High-Pressure Plunger Pumps. Should be used after 500 hours of pump usage for all of our gasoline powered cold water pressure washers (Honda & Briggs/Stratton) LEARN MORE

  • Interstate 12 Volt Battery For Pressure Washer System w/Generator



    This Interstate Battery is not sold separately and should only be ordered when purchasing Pressure Washer System w/Generator. Exceptions however apply.. - Specifications: LEARN MORE