Cigarette Burn Repair Services for Detailers

Offering cigarette burn repair for car interiors is another profitable add-on car interior restoration service that your auto detailing or auto reconditioning business can offer.

Fixing cigarette burns in car seats and upholstery is a quick, easy and profitable service you can offer with almost zero overhead as an auto detailer. Detail King offers two cigarette burn repair kit options: a Starter (Burn Out) and Deluxe Kit. In addition, we also provide refills of any of the supplies required, including the velour fabric.

“Burn Out” Cigarette Burn Repair Starter Kit

Our “Burn Out” cigarette burn repair kit is the perfect starter kit. It contains 27 various velour fabric colors in 0.5oz. jars, water-based velour adhesive, Mask-A-Tak velour spray adhesive, double-sided stiff bristle and hogs hair brush to evenly apply velour flock, velour atomizer, foam sub patch cut outs, and a compact carrying case.

Deluxe Cigarette Burn Repair Kit

Our Deluxe Cigarette Burn Repair Kit contains 32 various velour fabric colors in 1.5 oz. jars, water-based adhesive, velour spray adhesive, trowel palette knife, velour atomizer, foam chip fillers, a DVD demonstrating the complete velour professional repair process, and a carrying box. If you are serious about doing cigarette burn repairs this is the kit for you.

How Much to Charge for Cigarette Burn Repairs

Car cigarette burn repairs is a quick, easy, and profitable add-on service that any detailing business can offer. Fixing cigarette burns is easy to do and you can generate $15 to $60 per repair depending on the amount of cigarette burn holes you need to fill.

Why Should You Choose Detail King?

Detail King is the nation’s largest online supplier of auto detailing supplies, equipment and accessories. Since 1999, our exceptional team of individuals have been providing auto detailing professionals like yourself with expertise and support. Whether it’s a cigarette burn repair kit or something else, the team at Detail King has got you covered.

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