1-Day Ceramic Coating Certification Class

Detail King LP’s Ceramic Coating Training & Certification Class is a 1-day Seminar and our next class is on December 11th, 2023. We will cover the critical components of Ceramic Coatings. We will discuss the science behind the coatings in our classroom for the first part of the day, along with how to upsell and cross-sell these services. The rest of the day will consist of Hands-On Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating Application in our training center. Here at Detail King, we want to offer the best form of Ceramic Coating Training and Certification possible, which is why the entire Detail King team is JADE Certified.

Benefits of Becoming Certified:

  • Students receive a certificate stating that they are a Certified Jade Installer!
    • This certification will open new doors for you to be able to offer very profitable Ceramic Coating services to your customer base. Being certified will show your credibility and allow you get top dollar for your work.
  • Certified Jade Installers can submit information for the vehicles they do to Carfax.
    • After installing a ceramic coating, certified installers can upload this information directly into Carfax, and this will help increase the resale value of the vehicle for thier customer.
  • Certified Installers can be added to Jade’s International Directory of Certified Installers.
    • Potential customers can verify your business on the directory and you might get new leads from people browsing the directory!

Classroom Training:

  • What ceramic coatings are and how they work
  • Hardness ratings and what they mean
  • How to sell ceramic coating services with features and benefits
  • Items needed and necessary prep work (Wash-up, paint decontamination)
  • How to formulate pricing and estimates
  • Educating customers and upselling techniques
  • Maintenance plans to offer customers
  • Realistic expectations of ceramic protection and misconceptions

Hands-On Training:

  • Paint correction using various compounds and polishes to remove imperfections in the paint
  • Cleaning and prep steps to prepare the surfaces to be coated and ensure that all oils and dust have been removed
  • Application process for silica and graphene coatings (paint, trim, glass, wheels, tires, interior)
  • How to fix mistakes during application process
  • How to perform follow-up washing and maintenance services

Seminar Details:

  • When: Monday from 8:00AM-4:30PM – View Upcoming Seminar dates
  • Where: 947 Old Frankstown Rd. Pittsburgh, PA 15239
  • Lodging: Discounted Rates are available at the Hampton Inn in Monroeville PA. Detail King Students receive a 20% Discount off of their best available rates. Call 412-380-4000 or reserve your room online. If calling, provide our booking code – 3141664.
  • Cost: $1595 $1295 w/Supply Kit, $995 $695 for Training ONLY ***For a Limited Time ONLY!***

*We include coffee, donuts, and juice in the morning, lunch, and refreshments. All training materials and supplies needed are provided. Upon completion of the curriculum, the student will be awarded a framed certificate upon completion of the class.


Supply kit includes:

*This kit includes enough product to prep, coat and maintain at least 6 to 8 vehicles, which can generate $5,000+ of profitable sales.

JADE Ceramic Coating Benefits:

  • Unrivaled high gloss finish
  • Enhanced scratch resistance compared to regular clear coat
  • Chemical/Stain resistance while providing UV protection
  • Up to 7 years of durability (depending on product applied)
  • Extreme hydrophobics that repel water and contaminants 
  • Easier wash/maintenance process for vehicle owner


Don’t wait to register! Sign up NOW to guarantee a seat at our next Ceramic Coating Training & Certification Seminar at Detail King,  December 11th, 2023 in Pittsburgh PA. 

Upcoming Certification Dates:

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