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Detail King Student Testimonials


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  • Luke Reid – I Loved Both Hands On Days As Well

    The Detail King three day craftsman class was great! Nick Vacco and all of the detailing instructors were very informative and answered any questions really before you could even ask them. They give you all the information and tools you need to startup, open, maintain, and even grow my auto detailing business. I loved both […] LEARN MORE

  • Michael Lenz – Much Great Information!

    Detail King Training! Bring your recorders! Much great information to write down. 1st day, business topics included Internet presence, accounting procedures, and where to go for business. Definitely, seemed like I was ready to start a multi-location and multi-personnel business. 2nd and 3rd days, Hands on. Ideas and experience from the staff were overwhelming! Detail […] LEARN MORE

  • Doug Sprague – There Was So Much Good Information

    I really enjoyed the Detail King 3 day craftsman seminar. There was so much good information and hands on training that I feel really confident after taking this course in starting my own Detailing business. All of the team members were well qualified , knowledgeable, and ready to answer any question you might have. Thank […] LEARN MORE

  • Dian Hernandez – They Have The Answer To Every Question I Asked

    I attended the Detail King 3 day seminar and it was an excellent experience. You learn everything you need to know from how to start an auto detailing business to how to correctly wash a car. I was welcomed very good. The staff is great. They have the answer to any question you have. This […] LEARN MORE

  • Robbie Naugle – I Came Away With Valuable Knowledge

    I attended the two day Technician training seminar offered by Detail King and I came away with valuable knowledge from the business side of detailing and the labor side as well. My main reason for attending the training was to learn the tools of the trade for the labor aspect but the business portion was […] LEARN MORE

  • Frank Tomaro – Great Atmosphere From Everyone

    At first I didn’t really know what to expect since I do not have a background in business or car detailing. Day 1, as soon as I drove up to Detail King I was welcome with a friendly face and a smile! That definitely helped calm the nerves a little bit, so I entered the […] LEARN MORE

  • Paul Wackerly – I Would Recommend This To Anyone

    I really enjoy my 2 days of training at Detail King ,all of the instructors and employees are very nice and polite it’s like you knew them for years. I have been down my my own cars for years I thought I knew a lot until I went to class at Detail King’s I would […] LEARN MORE

  • Enrique Nieto – – There Are So Many To Thank Here Today

    There are many to thank here today. So, lets start with God and for blessing me and for giving me another chance. To my wife and kids for believing in me, because without them I would off never made it happen. Next in line Detail King, this includes EVERYONE that took the time to be […] LEARN MORE

  • Romeo Maloco Jr – Best Class Ever Taken

    Best class ever taken. The Detail King Instructors were very knowledgeable and are expert in training students like myself. I came in with no clue what to do but at the end of the class I have now all the knowledge to complete a detail work the right way and the fast way. Thanks to […] LEARN MORE

  • Sandra Waggoner – The Staff Really Educates You

    I took the two day auto detailing course at Detail King. The first day was very informative as to how to open up a business and how to get customers. I felt it was very educational. The second day was the hands on day. I was very nervous. I have cleaned out a car before […] LEARN MORE