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Detail King Student Testimonials


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  • Dan Peters – Detail King’s classes have been very helpful to me

    Detail King’s classes have been very helpful to me. I’ve learned a lot about how to more thoroughly detail a car as well as how to run a business. I’ve been buying products from Detail King for over 10 years and they are very high quality and reasonably priced. Their staff are always willing to […] LEARN MORE

  • Brandon Nease – Detail King Is The Best Place To Go!

    Detail King has one of the best training programs for aspiring car detailers! If you want to start your own business detailing cars and don’t know where to start, or even if you want to gain more training, Detail King is the best place to go! Everyone is great there and it is run by […] LEARN MORE

  • Jim Boucher – Detail King Really Does Change Lives!

    “Over 10 years ago (2009), I came to Detail King for the 2 Day Technician Program. The 2 Day Class provided me with everything I needed to jump start my business and keep it moving in the right direction. I believe Detail King provides the most comprehensive hands on auto detailing program anywhere. It is […] LEARN MORE

  • Nathan Bianco – Jade Ceramic Coating Class

    Nick Vacco and everyone at Detail King taught me so much in the one day at the Jade ceramic coating class. Great teachers, everyone is great, Jason Fung is fantastic as he always is, I will be taking the 3 day Craftsman Class, March 29th class also. LEARN MORE

  • Wilfredo Fuentes – I Really Enjoyed The Ceramic Coating Training

    I really enjoyed the Ceramic coating certification class at Detail King. The detailing class was very informative and the training we received was great! We got taught the proper techniques and tricks to apply a ceramic coating to any vehicle. My customers and I will definitely benefit from this training. LEARN MORE

  • George Wu – I Found The Course Highly Informative

    The 3 day craftsman course at Detail King was a very enjoyable experience. Some highlights were using the Tornador cleaning gun to clean the car interior and using sanding pads to remove the haze on old headlights. The cadre of instructors were attentive and helpful. Despite having watched many You tube videos on car detailing, […] LEARN MORE

  • Mateusz Jacek – Was By Far The Best Decision I Have Made

    Attending Detail King’s 3 day auto detailing seminar was by far the best decision I have made. They have such a great team that provide so much information and knowledge on detailing and the business aspect. I would highly recommend this course to anyone getting into detailing. I became Detail King Certified December 2018. LEARN MORE

  • Brett Bouchard – Nick Vacco Is So Supportive

    The Detail King auto detailing training class was everything I expected and more. Nick Vacco is so supportive during the training and even after. Everyone their has so much knowledge and really make you feel like your part of the Detail King team. I’d recommend the craftsman program to anyone that is serious about getting […] LEARN MORE

  • Trent Alley – I Feel Better Prepared

    I want to thank the entire Crew at Detail King for the training that they provided during the November Class. I feel better prepared to run my Mobile Detailing Business. Nick Vacco and his Staff took the time to go through the Business side of running a successful Detail Business as well as how to […] LEARN MORE

  • Juan Jose Ocegueda Santiago – Thank You For All The Practice & Knowledge

    I loved the November 2018 Seminar at Detail King. I truly believe I learned a lot from them and can’t wait to incorporate everything from the class into my cars and all future cars I’ll be servicing! Thank you for all the practice and knowledge you have Bestowed upon me(:  LEARN MORE