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Detail King Student Testimonials


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  • Travis Arel – The detailing course exceeded my expectations

    The Detail King training classes provided excellent techniques and information to provide someone with a successful business. The detailing course exceeded my expectations for sure and offered everything you need. I attended the March 2020 seminar and became certified then. LEARN MORE

  • Trava Ragas – Definitely recommend this detailing training to anyone

    The Detail King Team presented themselves in a most courteous and professional way. The business and detailing training was presented with the trainee in mind. The trainers made every effort to impart every bit of knowledge about all aspects of auto detailing and reconditioning to the trainees for each block of instruction. I am proud […] LEARN MORE

  • Jason Edwards – Was an awesome experience

    This weekend at the Detail King Auto Detailing Training Institute was an awesome experience. The information provided has grown my confidence in successfully starting, and running my auto detailing business. Can’t thank Nick Vacco, and the rest of DK staff enough. I graduated and became Detail King Certified March 2020. LEARN MORE

  • Will James -It exceeded my expectations

    I attended the March 2020 Detail King Craftsman Seminar. I learned a lot throughout the Detail King training, it exceeded my expectations and I would recommend this to anyone interested in the detailing industry. I am now Detail King Certified and this will open so many doors for me! LEARN MORE

  • Chris Allensworth – I was very impressed with the whole program

    I have been a business owner over the past 24 years (HVAC business) and decided to retire/step-down from that line of work and pursue my passion/interest with cars. I have always enjoyed detailing as a hobby and decided to take it to the next level. It was very important to me to have the proper […] LEARN MORE

  • Juan Encarnacion – I now feel like a pro

    The detailing training class at Detail King was great. I learned new detailing techniques and how to do my job better!  I now feel like a pro, thanks for everything Detail King! I became certified and graduated from the Detail King Training Institute March 2020. LEARN MORE

  • Faustino Castillo – You guys definitely exceeded my expectations

    Thanks so much Detail King! You guys definitely exceeded my expectations. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is interested in starting or growing an auto detailing business. They got everything you need to get your business started and their products definitely get the job done right. This class will show you everything you […] LEARN MORE

  • Jesus Gonzalo – Detail King is a great place to go get knowledge

    Detail King has provided a lot of new knowledge on growing and expanding my auto detailing business. They gave me the opportunity to try out different detailing machines that I wasn’t able to experience before. Detail King is a great place to go get knowledge about detailing and how to operate a successful business. I […] LEARN MORE

  • Cozad Sheridan – Nick Vacco and his team have it down to a science

    Earlier this year I attended the three day Detail King craftsman class and loved it. I learned so much about an industry I thought I already knew so well. More recently I ordered all of my products from Detail King to provide my detailing business what I needed and the process couldn’t have been smoother. […] LEARN MORE

  • Jason Witner – First Class all the way

    I was very impressed and completely satisfied on the Detail King Craftsman car detailing and reconditioning training program. The instructors were very knowledgeable and great teacher’s. I really enjoyed my weekend with Nick Vacco and the gang. First Class all the way. I became Detail King Certified and graduated February 23rd 2020! LEARN MORE