Water Reclamation Car Wash Systems

If you currently are operating a mobile car wash business or eco-friendly mobile detailing business you may already collecting your wash water. Detail King has been offering water reclamation systems such as our Big Dog water reclamation car wash systems, for several years and have the expertise to assist you with choosing the right equipment that you need to be compliant within your cities ordinances regarding water run-off. If you are aiming to procure accounts like office buildings, country clubs and shopping centers you may also need a full size car wash mat to collect your wash water.

Detail King also offers a vacuum filtration system that will allow you to collect, contain and reuse the filtered water making it extremely convenient to operate a high volume mobile car wash business. Don’t get psyched out because of the additional equipment you may need to operate your detailing or car wash business with. You will be able to obtain huge profitable accounts that require you to be compliant with your local environmental laws. If you are, and your competition isn’t – guess who gets the contract? You Do!

If you need to be WaterSmart in your area due to drought situations we offer a low pressure wash system with a mini car wash mat so you can wash most passenger vehicles using very little water. You will easily be able to contain any water dispensed from the low pressure washer used to scrub wheels, tires, grills and engine compartments. You can simply vacuum up the small amount of wash water, contain it and properly dispose of the “gray water.” Detail King has the right solution to meet everyone’s needs and budget!