Pro Auto Detailing Supplies

If you own a mobile detailing business or a detail shop you want to use the best pro auto detailing supplies so you can consistently knock your customers socks off with the results! Detail King focuses on offering the very best auto detailing supplies in the industry. Whether it’s car wash brushes or car wash towels, a wax applicator or car wash mitt, or possibly just a bottle of carnauba wax, Detail King’s auto detailing supplies are of the highest quality and priced right for the pro auto detailer or car enthusiast. King was one of the first auto detailing supplies companies that produced videos and posted them on YouTube. If you would like to check out our Detail King Headquarters watch our “retro” video.

Detail King also stocks a large assortment of plastic bottles, sprayers, spouts and chemical storage items. If you are looking for quality bug sponges, commercial grade wax and dressing applicators, microfiber towels, glass cleaning towels and bucket wash systems including our Grit Guard double bucket dolly you came to the right place! Detail King has the auto detailing supplies that you need for your detailing business or for you to keep your personal vehicle looking great year-round.

If you are looking for quality buffing or polishing pads for your rotary buffer or dual action polisher Detail King has a huge selection. We stock all types and sizes of Lake Country foam pads, 3M Edge foam pads both classic and double sided and 3M Edge Wool pads. Detail King also features several brushes that can be attached to most buffers and polishers and can be used to clean carpets, upholstery and convertible roofs.

If you have attended our training seminars then you know that we stress that the wash-up and prep is just as important as the actual detail process. So we make sure that we offer a wide variety of car wash scrubbers, sponges and detail tools that will save you time and get the job done right. If you like removing wax and sealants with orbital bonnets we have both terry and microfiber bonnets for your Gem, Cyclo, Porter Cable or Flex Polisher.