Auto Detailing Plastic Spray Bottles

Detail King offers a large assortment of commercial grade auto detailing plastic spray bottles, polish bottles, chemical dispensing systems and plastic spray tanks for car enthusiasts, car washes, detail shops and mobile auto detailing businesses. The bottles you purchase at the dollar stores just will not hold up and will easily crack and leak. Our spray bottles for car washes and auto detailing purposes are of the highest quality and most display the proud name and logo of Detail King!

Show your professionalism when performing your detailing services by using the very best plastic quart bottles and polish bottles in the industry available here at Detail King! If you really want to save time and save tire dressing you really need to take a look at our 1 Gallon Plastic Tire Dressing Spray Tank. Dress and condition tires without any over-spray and only use 2 squirts of tire dressing per tire instead of 10 or 12 squirts that you would normally use with a plastic spray bottle.