Detail King was one of the first leaders in the auto detailing industries to introduce Eco Friendly Auto Detailing. Many changes have taken place over the last 6 years in the auto detailing industry. Many professional mobile detailers and mobile car wash operators have had to adapt to changes in the way they wash and detail their customers vehicles. As of late, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has been enforcing the Clean Water Act of 1972 especially in the coastal communities. The Clean Water Act of 1972 as it eventually would pertain to mobile detailers – states there shall be no discharging of waste water running off into the storm drains or into bodies of water.

If you operate your mobile detailing business or plan on operating your mobile detailing business close to the oceans, rivers and lakes you will most likely eventually have to contain your wash water and properly dispose of this “gray water” when the job is completed. Being “green” will actually give the competitive edge over your competition that is polluting the environment and will be easy to sell against them. Most individuals are very concerned about the environment and if you proclaim to be “green” and provide eco friendly car wash and detailing services you should easily be able to book detailing jobs versus someone who is not being EPA compliant.

Along with being “green” and helping with keeping our oceans, rivers, lakes and streams free from pollutants you also may be conserving water. Many communities across the fruited plains are required to conserve water especially during drought periods in the Summer. Detail King offers car wash mats that will contain wash water during the wash-up. We even have mini car wash mats. Detail King has everything you need to operate your eco friendly mobile auto detailing business.