Detail King Auto Detailing Training Institute, LLC


Detail King Auto Detailing Training Institute, LLC

Detail King Auto Detailing Training Institute, LLC offers monthly 3-Day Auto Detailing Craftsman programs held in Pittsburgh, PA. We are Licensed by the Pennsylvania State Board of Private Licensed Schools’ in accordance with 22 Pa Code § 73.173 (c). Many entrepreneurs are starting their detailing businesses from their home or using their personal vehicle to provide mobile detailing services. We will teach you what you need to know to be legal, compliant and insured for your new endeavor.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran auto detailer or just starting out, Detail King Auto Detailing Training Institute, LLC will provide the training necessary for you to learn the skills needed to operate a successful and proficient auto detailing business. Detail King Auto Detailing Training Institute, LLC continues to be the leader in their space – be sure to check out our  Classroom where we hold the first day of the Auto Detailing Craftsman Program. The journey of the student begins on day one and throughout the weekend and prepares the student for his or her future of operating and growing their own successful car detailing business.

3-Day Auto Detailing Craftsman Program

Our Auto Detailing Craftsman Program is a 3-Day Marketing & Hands-On Training Program. On the First Day, students learn how to start, operate and grow his or her new auto detailing or mobile auto detailing business. Knowing the “business side” of operating and managing your auto detailing business is just as important as the actual hands-on methods and procedures.

On day two and day three (Saturday and Sunday), students receive in-depth hands-on auto detailing training instruction and are also taught how to perform other profitable auto reconditioning services as well. Completely reconditioned pre-owned automobiles are becoming the norm for the typical car consumer today. New car prices are high, and financing a new vehicle can be difficult. A reconditioned pre-owned vehicle is the way to go! You will be taught how to provide auto reconditioning services to auto dealerships to make their vehicles more appealing. Besides having their vehicles cleaned and detailed, the car dealers will want you to provide headlight restoration, plastic trim restoration, paint chip repair, carpet dying, interior repair, cigarette burn repair, and odor removal. Our Craftsman Program will prepare you for this and teach you how to obtain auto dealership accounts and also how to up-sell your retail clients from a basic auto detail to also purchasing these auto reconditioning services. The Auto Detailing Craftsman Program is perfect for new business start-ups and current auto detailing business owners that want to “take their business to the next level.”  Learn More

The recent Covid 19 pandemic, believe it or not, has created a lot of opportunity for many types of businesses – and owning an auto detailing business is one of them! Many of our graduates are currently busier than ever before. Car interior cleaning, deodorizing and sanitizing is no longer a “luxury” service but is now considered a “necessity” by many vehicle owners. They want their interior to be clean and germ free! At our programs we teach the proper and professional way to clean, deodorize and sanitize vehicle interiors. This service is extremely profitable and if marketed correctly can yield great profits!

The pandemic created an economic crisis for many, cash flow is tight and people are more concerned about protecting their assets. People are now holding on to their automobiles longer because they cannot afford to trade them for new car and take on a new long term loan. Most vehicle owners will have to hold on to their current vehicle for an additional year or two, and this is where a professional detailing service can play a critical role! These potential customers want to buy a new car but can’t, so they want their current automobile to look, feel and smell new. These individuals are seeking professional detailing companies that can keep their car looking and smelling good and maintain the value until they can afford to trade it in for a new model. With the proper training, marketing and mentoring that Detail King Auto Detailing Training Institute, LLC can provide, it is a win-win for everyone!

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