Paint Chip & Paintless Dent Repair Kits

Many in the auto industry refer to the small paint chips and scratches that plague cars and trucks as “Road Rash”, and it’s the result of rocks and gravel being tossed into the air by other vehicles. You can now fix these chips and dents in minutes.

Detail King’s Auto Paint Chip Repair Systems and Kits offer the most technologically advanced paint chip repair and restoration process in the industry. We also provide paintless dent repair kits and paintless dent repair tools so you can offer profitable PDR services at your shop or as a mobile dent repair business.

Paint Chip Repair Kits

Detail King’s Color Twin Paint Chip Repair System quickly and easily repairs paint chips and deep scratches in minutes. All with very little paint mixing – which can be extremely time consuming! It is a simple three-step method that fills the chip with paint and then is wiped off so that no excess paint remains. At a normal viewing distance, the vehicle looks as though it has no chips! Our repair kits come with several auto paint colors, a two-hour training DVD and an in-depth step-by-step training manual.

Watch & learn how to repair paint chips with our Color Twin Process.

Paintless Dent Repair Kits

What car today doesn’t have dents? This is a no brainer, you probably will have the vehicle in your possession for a few hours, maybe longer, so here is an opportunity to fix the dents that can be fixed and add to your bottom line. Taking the car to the body shop for small dent repair can cost several hundred dollars and there is always the chance the paint will not match. Our kits provide the tools needed to make extra profits by providing paintless dent repair services.

Be sure to read the Step By Step Instructions on how to remove dents with our glue pulling procedure.