Auto Detailing Brushes

Shopping for the perfect detailing brush? Detail King stocks a complete line of commercial-grade car detailing & car wash brushes for any detailing need. If you are looking for quality car cleaning & detailing brushes such as tire brushes, truck wash brushes, car interior cleaning brushes, or any other specialty detailing brush, you can find it here.

The Perfect Brush for Every Job

Detail King has a specific brush for just about every component of the vehicle – especially the areas that need to be cleaned the most effectively or are traditionally harder to reach. All of our car cleaning brushes are made from high-quality, commercial-grade materials and will outlast those purchased at an auto parts store.

Using the correct brush is key to a perfect detailing job. Having an assortment of brushes will enable you to efficiently clean and detail the entire car, no matter how dirty it is. Our detailing brushes will help you get into every nook, cranny and tight space; from wheel wells to AC vents and every area in between.

Exterior Detailing Brushes

From truck beds, engines, and wheels to paint and convertible tops, we have a brush for any exterior component. Shop all Exterior Brushes, including our specialty line of Wheel Woolies from Braun Automotive.

Interior Brushes

Reach even the smallest nooks and crannies of your vehicle’s interior with our selection of interior car cleaning brushes. Shop all Interior Detailing Brushes.

Specialty Detailing Brushes

Detail King has a line of brushes for any detailing job, no matter what you are cleaning, from RVs to boats, airplanes, and even motorcycles. We also offer steel wool brushes to remove rust and unwanted paint overspray. Shop all Specialty Brushes.