Exterior Car Cleaning Brushes

Looking for a high-quality exterior detailing brush? Detail King carries a wide variety of commercial-grade car wash brushes for exteriors, perfect for cleaning wheel wells, wheels, tires, lug nuts, engine compartments, moldings, paint and more.

Exterior Brushes for All Your Needs

Detail King’s collection of premium exterior car wash brushes covers all your needs – whether you’re looking for a brush for car tires or a long-handled car wash brush for those hard-to-reach areas, our collection of exterior scrubber brushes will meet your needs.

Popular Exterior Brush Types

Our car wash brushes are of the highest quality and will outlast most other brushes on the market. We have a brush to reach every nook and cranny on the exterior of your vehicle.

  • Heavy Duty Brushes: From wheel well brushes to truck bed scrubbers, our heavy-duty cleaning brushes are perfect for the toughest parts of your vehicle.
  • Truck Brushes: Our assortment of truck detailing brushes makes washing pick-up trucks, large SUVs, RVs and buses much easier.
  • Drill Brushes: Ranging from delicate to heavy-duty, drill brushes can help you tackle anything from a dirty convertible top to a muddy truck bed.
  • Wheel & Tire Brushes: Clean your wheels and tires with Detail King’s assortment of specialty brushes for cleaning tires, wheels, lug nuts and more.
  • Engine Brushes: Find the perfect detail brush to tackle engine compartments and delicate areas like motorcycle compartments.
  • Specialty Detailing Brushes: Use our microfiber car wash brushes and extendable mops to reach further while cleaning RVs, airplanes, boats, limos and more.

Brush Kits

Our exterior brush kits contain everything you need to leave your vehicle spotless. With long handle options, you can reach every nook and cranny on the exterior of your vehicle. See all detailing brush kits.

Exterior Detailing Brush FAQs

What’s the best brush for cleaning car lug nuts?

Our Wheel Woolie Lug/Detail Brush is perfect for cleaning lug nuts.

What’s the most effective car wheel brush?

Our Soft Bristle Wheel Brush is perfect for cleaning the face of just about every wheel out there!

What are some uses for engine detailing brushes?

Engine Detailing Brushes can be used for getting into the hard to reach areas in an engine bay.

What brush is safe for car convertible tops?

Our Convertible Top Brush is perfect for scrubbing convertible tops.